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This can be sort of a miscellaneous opposition research thread if you find anything interesting to post or just for learning more about him.

Taylor Griffin Announces 2016 Congressional Campaign

Eastern NC Native Will Challenge Walter B. Jones In North Carolina’s Third District Primary

New Bern resident and small businessman Taylor Griffin announced he will challenge Walter B. Jones for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s Third Congressional District primary. Griffin, 39, is an eastern North Carolina native, a former aide to North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms and a veteran of the George W. Bush White House and U.S. Treasury Department. Griffin mounted a late-starting challenge to Jones in the 2014 Republican primary and gave him his toughest race in years, garnering 45% of the vote.

“The Third District is a stronghold of conservative values and I am running to represent those values,” said Griffin. “Few places in the country feel the heavy hand of the Federal government more than we do. Regulations are strangling small business, restrictions on fishermen are hurting our coastal economies, and mismanagement from Washington have left our service personnel and veterans without the support they deserve.”

“Over the last two years I have travelled over 70,000 miles through eastern North Carolina and everywhere I go, I hear the same thing – it’s time. It’s time for a principled conservative that will stand up for eastern North Carolina first. It’s time for an effective Congressman with fresh ideas and energy to create jobs.”

“In the 20 years Walter Jones has been in Congress, his voting record too often strays from conservative principles. He votes with liberal California Democrat Nancy Pelosi more than any other North Carolina Republican. He refused to support the Republican nominee for President in each of the last three elections and just this year he voted against a defense funding bill critical for eastern North Carolina’s military. Walter Jones is a good man, he’s just not a good conservative.”

“As your Congressman, I will stand up eastern North Carolina and fight consistently for conservative, constitutional values. I will fight the rising debt and the out of control regulations that are threatening our country and stifling jobs. I will work tirelessly for our veterans and service personnel, and I will always stand for principles above politics.”


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here is his official campaign website:


The stuff on his issues page is bland as hell, but I guess no worse than some of the other challengers we've had to deal with like Trey Grayson or Brian Ellis.

Right to Life

Taylor is a pro-life conservative who believes every life is a sacred gift from God that begins at conception and must be protected. The life of an unborn child is no different and no less valuable than the life of anyone else.

Eastern North Carolina Values

Taylor will fight for the values of service to neighbors and country, hard-work and individual responsibility instilled in him growing up in Eastern North Carolina. He believes in a culture that respects life and the free-exercise of religion.

Smaller Government

You need to look no further than the October government shutdown, Obama-Care or our out of control federal spending to see that Washington D.C. is broken. Taylor Griffin believes the closer the government is to the people, the more effective it can be.

Taylor will follow the model of our Founding Fathers and push to return power to state and local governments wherever possible.


The key to our nation’s economic recovery is to keeping more money in the hands of its shareholders, those who pay taxes. Our nation’s fiscal crisis is not the result of Americans being taxed too little. The problem is our federal government spends too much.

Our complex tax code is a burden on America’s families, corporations and small businesses that hurts our economy and discourages job creation. Taylor supports fundamental tax reform that will simplify the tax code by closing loopholes, lowering marginal tax rates, and reducing or eliminating taxes on investments. This will do more to jumpstart our economy than any government stimulus package.

You, the taxpayer, know best how to spend your money and the more you have in your pocket, the quicker we will see an economic recovery.

Individual Liberty

The Federal Government has slowly chipped away at the individual liberties our Founding Fathers fought and died for. Be it the assault on our 2nd Amendment Rights, overreaching federal mandates like Obama-Care or the misuse of your tax dollars, your liberties are being challenged every day. Taylor will be a champion for our Constitution and your God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence.

Jobs & the Economy

There is no greater example of a broken federal government than the poor decisions of recent years that have stifled our economy and sent the jobless rate soaring. While private sector businesses struggle to stay afloat, government continues to grow, imperiling our nation’s fiscal future and strangling businesses with burdensome government regulations.

Taylor believes that the free market, not government programs, provides the best path to prosperity. Government should be an ally to the private sector, removing hurdles to job creation and economic growth rather than creating new ones.

By reducing Federal red tape, simplifying the tax code, supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, and returning fiscal sanity to Washington, America can once again be the economic dynamo that is the envy of the world.

Federal Spending

From Main Street to Wall Street, there is a basic principle that everyone seems to understand: You don’t spend more than you have. Unfortunately, Congress doesn’t understand this basic idea and their wasteful spending is endangering the future of our children and grandchildren.

Our national debt now exceeds $17 trillion and grows larger each day. As your Congressman, TAYLOR will fight to eliminate wasteful spending, reform government entitlement programs to secure Social Security and Medicare for future generations and champion a federal budget that is based upon sound economic principles.

2nd Amendment

The second amendment is fundamental to American liberty. The right to bear and keep arms is essential to the preservation of our Republic. Our founders knew that, yet too many of our elected representatives seem to have forgotten the importance of this vital right.

In recent years, political pressure has grown to restrict gun ownership. Taylor understands that such measures will largely prevent law-abiding citizens from owning firearms while doing little to keep guns out of the wrong hands. A Department of Justice survey recently found that 90% of convicted criminals acquired their guns through illegitimate means or through straw purchases.

Taylor is a proud gun owner and a life member of the National Rifle Association. While he is an avid sportsman, he understands that the second defense is crucial to securing liberty and allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

As your Congressman, Taylor will stand up against any attempt to limit the right to keep and bear arms and will fight for the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Health Care

The improperly named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act neither protects patients nor makes health care more affordable. The disastrous roll-out of the Obamacare website is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, as people in North Carolina and around the country are receiving notices of plan cancellations and premium increases, this point hardly needs making.

Obamacare was fundamentally flawed from the start. The law is riddled with faulty assumptions, perverse incentives, and unworkable policies that make its failure all but certain. Taylor believes that we must stop Obamacare before it can do any further damage by delaying its implementation immediately.

Taylor will fight to repeal Obamacare and replace it with health care reform rooted in free market principles that will put health care choices back in the hands of you and your doctor, not Washington bureaucrats.

Military and Veterans

As the grandson of an Army Colonel, Taylor understands the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform and America’s veterans. As home to Camp Lejune, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, New River Air Station, and Fleet Readiness Center East, Eastern North Carolina is central to the mission of the United States Marine Corps.

Taylor recognizes that our military is crucial to Eastern North Carolina’s economy and our nation’s defense. In Congress, Taylor will be a tireless advocate for our military facilities and our service-members to ensure they have the resources they need to accomplish their mission and the support they deserve for their service to a grateful nation.

Our nations veterans have earned not only our respect, but the assurance that they and their families will receive the benefits promised to them. Taylor will have a designated staff member both in Washington D.C. and here in the District who will be a point of contact for veterans, addressing any of their concerns or needs.

Illegal Immigration

America is a nation of immigrants, but it is also a nation of laws. Once our immigration laws are enforced, steps can be taken to allow documented immigrants to enter the country legally to work. Taylor strongly believes that a blanket amnesty is not the answer.

Commercial & Sport Fishing

Both commercial and sport fishing are important parts of Eastern North Carolina’s economy. Commercial fishing helped to build our coastal communities and is a way of life that spans generations. As an avid recreational fisherman, Taylor also understands the value of sport fishing adds to our tourist economy.

Taylor will work for solutions to manage our natural resources in a way that balances the needs of both the commercial and recreational sectors and will be an advocate for the needs of both. Taylor supports reforms that ensure reasonable fisheries management policies that are based on scientific evidence and are fair to commercial fisherman, recreational anglers and the seafood consumer.

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Here's a little blurb about his background from Politico. He worked for the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John McCain, and also led the crisis communications team for Sarah Palin. That is how he managed to secure her endorsement in the last election campaign.

Taylor Griffin has earned his spot on the cocktail circuit thanks to his extensive D.C. résumé. He now hangs his hat at his own consulting firm, Sulgrave Partners, where he helps provide strategic communications, business advice and management services. His career in and around Washington has taken him from the Treasury Department to the Senate to the White House and the private sector.

“Washington is a place that’s very social, where people like to spend a lot of time with interesting people out and about,” Griffin tells POLITICO.

What helped Griffin develop the relationships and contacts that keep him on everyone’s invite list was his work on three presidential campaigns. In 2008, he served as an adviser to John McCain’s campaign and led the crisis communications team for the campaign’s vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. In addition, he joined the communications efforts for both the 2000 and 2004 Bush-Cheney tickets.

“I was always interested in politics and policy,” says Griffin. “And a chance meeting with a Hill staffer at a cocktail party led to a summer internship in the Senate. I returned the following summer for another internship and, after graduating from college in 1999, decided to stay in Washington for good.”

As any good consultant knows, being out and about is a key part of any business, especially when there are clients to get; Griffin (a native of Raleigh, N.C.) plays the part admirably with a ready smile and folksy charm.


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We need to support Walter Jones

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Ah, the usual vague campaign positions. I think I've come to the point where if I see those, I'm running away from that person, just because they're most likely going to be the biggest lie in the campaign.

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Is Taylor Griffin running for Congress in Eastern North Carolina…or Maryland??

Tonight, Washington lobbyist Taylor Griffin will be holding a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland. That’s right, Maryland.

Not only is the fundraiser going to be held in the affluent DC suburb, but it will take place at the multi-million dollar home of former TOP WALL STREET LOBBYIST Rob Nichols, who defended the “too big to fail” banks over criticism about receiving taxpayer subsidies. Mr. Nichols is now poised to take over as head of the American Bankers Association in August.

You have to wonder – what promises is Mr. Griffin making to these out-of-state donors? With 96% of his money coming from outside the district he wants to represent, does Mr. Griffin REALLY have Eastern North Carolina’s best interests at heart?