View Full Version : Dec. 15th Day of posting NOTICE on Doors

12-05-2007, 07:36 AM
Can we contact Trevor about the following?

1. Make a banner for the http://www.rightsrally07.com/ site as I will post it on my websites.

2. Merge this idea with the NOTICE idea we discussed on the other forum. We worked on it for several days and completed it yesterday for Michigan and Texas. I am a small publisher and offered free printing for West Michigan to print these NOTICES that are the size of Slims, which we at meetup 155 Grand Rapids will put on doors (with the slims) with painter's tape as one of the most effective forms of advertising. See my webpage for the what the NOTICE says and for downloading the pdf and doc files:
The NOTICE can be changed by anyone if they want. But the idea of everyone doing it at once would be very effective. Your thoughts are welcome. Here is the NOTICE:


The United States Federal Government has borrowed $9 Trillion in YOUR name from China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. You and your children are expected to pay it back, with added interest.

The Government is spending hundreds of billions of dollars of OUR money meddling in the affairs of other nations around the world, and making enemies, while it leaves our own borders unprotected.

Every year, the Government grows bigger, more expensive, more intrusive, more irresponsible, and less respectful of your rights.

The Government is no longer restrained by the principles of our founding fathers in the constitution. Our newly elected President needs to provide sound fiscal management and respect the Liberties Americans have fought and died for.


There IS time to change this disastrous course.

Finally there is Hope for America. Please support Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for President.

He is the only candidate of either party advocating a reverse in these trends, and he has a perfect conservative voting record to show us his ability to do it.

He has never voted for tax increase;

Returns a portion of his office budget every year;

Receives the most donations from military members (because as a former Air Force Officer he always seeks the interests of the military, is strong on national defense, and upholds the constitution).

To support Ron Paul for President, you must vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary. If you are not registered to vote you must do so by December 17th to vote in the Michigan primary.

Not approved by the official Ron Paul Campaign.