View Full Version : Have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in his Yea vote on HR 91.

05-27-2015, 09:42 PM
Veteran's ID Card Act.

Basically a veteran gets to pay for the privilege of being on another government database with questionable security, one that meant to somehow relieve them of the burden of a DD-214, yet the paperwork is double because they still get a 214 plus this card. The card is actually a meaningless feel-good measure that holds no value compared to their actual discharge papers. Specifically:

(d) Effect of card on benefits
(1) An identification card issued under this section shall not serve as proof of any benefits that the veteran may be entitled to under this title.
(2) A covered veteran who is issued an identification card under this section shall not be entitled to any benefits under this title by reason of possessing such card.