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05-09-2015, 02:31 PM
Please everyone sign this petition for this former alternative media head. He fought for the people and that was why he was shut up with this false sex conviction. Please relieve him of his wrongful conviction. Please sign this petition and share with everyone you know who believes in USWGO Alternative News. He broke the DHS Document FOIA Dump in 2012 proving that Infowars was being targeted by the DHS Fusion Centers. Please SUPPORT Brian! He did a lot for Alex Jones and the people. Please help him as his Probation Officer is punishing and oppressing Brian for speaking his mind in politics and the Judge is behind her taking his freedoms away. Please HELP HIM!


Source: Planet Infowars (http://planet.infowars.com/politics/please-petition-potus-for-pardoning-uswgo-alt-news-founder)

Note: If you wish to see the documents from Internet Archive then check them out here. I feel they are better posted there then on Scribd since they are now charging people for downloading documents or forcing them to upload approved documents before they can even download a document without paying a fee. Documents that the public deserve to know will be posted to Internet Archive and maybe Scribd combined. SO they are always available to download and circulate around the Internet.

Brian D. Hill, the former USWGO Alternative News reporter and Founder, is going through a tough time battling against the corrupt Federal Judge William L. Osteen Jr. to prove his Innocence and overturn his conviction. His friends that support him fear he will never get it overturned under that corrupt Federal Judge and will have to Appeal it which will even more time to overturn his Federal conviction.

So one of his supporters has started a Whitehouse.gov Petition asking U.S. President Obama (POTUS) to pardon Brian D. Hill since he is innocent of the crime of possession of child pornography. He already has enough evidence to get him acquitted by a Jury but heís afraid that going back a Jury trial will give the U.S. Attorney the opportunity to indict him again under a Superseding indictment. The least risky way to overturn the conviction is proving Actual Innocence which Brian is willing to do or that President Barack Obama agrees to pardon him then expunge his conviction which will waste less judicial resources under judicial economy. Also that means that Brian wonít have to deal with the corrupt Federal Judge if the Executive branch agrees to pardon him. He can get off the Sex Offender registry and get his life back. He is still willing to prove his Innocence but many know that crooked Judge will never allow that. Therefore I and others beg you that you will sign the Petition and circulate it all over the Internet. All that petition needs is 100,000 signatures for the U.S. Department Of Justice to consider Pardoning him.

Please share this Petition link and spread it everywhere. Please sign it and ask all of your friends to sign it as well: Pardon Innocent man Brian David Hill and expunge all of his wrongful conviction in the U.S. District Court | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Public Archive records of the entire criminal case of United States of America v. Brian David Hill
U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit docket entries Archive 1

U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit docket entries Archive 2 (RECAP)

See News articles in alternative media discussing about the frame ups.

Former Alternative Media reporter punished for texting Federal Judge about his innocence
New Evidence is filed in U.S. District Court concerning USWGO Brian D. Hillís Innocence
Child porn was downloading on USWGO reporter Brian D. Hillís computer while under SBI and Mayodan Police custody, Whistleblower exposes
USWGO Alt Newís Brian D. Hill files response to the Governmentís MOTION, had a second child porn set up attempted on him
USWGO Brian D. Hill fires lawyer, and forced to take Polygraph; Law Enforcement Whistleblower reports Brianís set up on child porn
Former Alternative Media Head appealing criminal conviction, claimed he was framed with child pornography

Alternative news reporter turns over cell phone to law enforcement to investigate Whistleblower emails in regards to the child porn set up


The man Brian D. Hill that was framed released a DHS Document FOIA dump. He was the one that asked Homeland Security for documents pertaining to the threat fusion center reports on the alternative media. He leaked a lot of important information before he was raided by Mayodan Police on suspected child pornography then arrested by Brian Dexter of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Winston Salem, NC. No joke, Homeland Security arresting him is in both mental hospital records and even the court record. He was targeted by the corrupt feds. DHS claimed he made inflammatory statements against the govt (anti-government) on the internet as one of the reasons he was a person of interest.


Look at all the postings about his case. This should be red linked, front page, Infowars News. This should be on every radio station in America.









He was even interviewed by the American Free Press (same news outlet Jim Tucker had worked) over a lawsuit against him over a political posting against the TSA tyranny:


Here is the proof that Brian was targeted by Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS):



He is a TARGET of set up attempt:


Brian was discharged from the Hospital to Homeland Security which includes Brian Dexter:


05-09-2015, 02:32 PM
If you want to know why his Appeal failed then read the last Docket entry by the Defendant in the U.S. Court of Appeals:

From Transcription using OCR of Archive.org:
https://archive.org/stream/2BothREQUESTFORTRANSCRIPTCopiesFiledWithAPPEAL/27-Emergencyresponsetoamendedmotiontowithdrawcounselm arkjones_djvu.txt

PDF Here: https://archive.org/download/2BothREQUESTFORTRANSCRIPTCopiesFiledWithAPPEAL/27-Emergencyresponsetoamendedmotiontowithdrawcounselm arkjones.pdf


AMENDED MOTION TO WITHDRAW with Cathi Bennett to file with the
Clerk of the Court Patricia S. Connor, to basically state some
truths that need to foe put on record before the Appeal
completely closes .

First of all the Appellant has no objection to the withdraw of
Mark A. Jones, Esq., from this Honorable Court. First of all
Mark didn't even file the response correctly, then second told
the Appellant and his mother Roberta Hill that he was going
to get his lawful property back without any child

pornography. Instead Mark Jones delivered a box from the Mayodan
Police Department with evidence tape on it with two holes on the
sides, which contained a hard drive with child pornography on
it. That hard drive was destroyed then a report made to the
Appellant's Probation Officer Kristy Burton and the FBI in
Richmond, VA over the matter.

That attorney did not speak with the Appellant ever since he

A 4/21/2015 11:55:46 AM From: Brian David Hill Fax ID: 276-632-2599 Page 7i 6

Attn.: Clerk of Court To: U.S. Court of Appeals

informed his counsel that he was tricked into receiving a hard
drive with child pornography on it from the Mayodan Police
Department. All of this information has been filed with the U.S.
District Court (Doc* 71, Filed 04/03/15) as NEW EVIDENCE in a
public statement to The Court that the Appellant plans on filing
a Petition for the Writ of Habeas Corpus on Actual Innocence,
ineffective counsel, and possibly other grounds.
The Appellant is Innocent and the only

evidence left to prove Actual Innocence is with a Independent
computer forensic examination to confirm that child porn was
planted on his hard drive not just by a computer virus or
computer hacker but also possibly by law enforcement.
That attorney didn't respond to any written, orally on
voicemail, or any request/ inquiry for that matter since the hard
drive was delivered to the Appellant, then destroyed by his
family. Mark has done nothing but made the Appellant's life
possibly worse and put him at risk of more criminal charges
including possibility of Probation revocation had Brian not
reported the hard drive to his Probation Officer Ms. Burton.
Mark is worse than Eric Placke the ineffective counsel because
at least he didn't try to deliver any possible contraband to the
Appellant. Further proof that the Appellant can win a Habeas
Corpus petition with more than one child pornography set up
attempted on the Appellant. He can win the Petition and overturn

leal: 15-4 057 Doc : 27

4/21/2015 11:56:17 AM From: Brian David Hill
Attn.: Clerk of Court

Filed: 04/21/2011

Fax ID: 276-632-2599
To: U.S. Court of Appeals

Page 31 6

his conviction then hopefully the FBI will hold Mayodan Police
accountable along with the State Bureau of Investigation Agent
Rodney White. All of the people that framed the Appellant should
be held accountable but Mark will never do that.
So I have no objection whatsoever that Mark should withdraw
himself as counsel. It may be better off that the conviction
isn't partially overturned back to a Jury Trial as the Appellant
can be put at risk of a superseding indictment with the
possibility that all evidence that may help prove his Innocence
will disappear as a consequence of a superseding indictment.
Therefore the Appellant believes it is in his best interests to
fully overturn his criminal conviction and has more of a reason
to believe that the Town of Mayodan Police Department framed him
with child porn from the start and requests an investigation on
the matter to exonerate the Appellant from any conviction as a
result of being framed.

He wishes his counsel a good day and a good life, and never
wants him as legal counsel again on any Appeal in the future.
Therefore, I request that the Clerk of the Court of the U.S.
Court of Appeals file this EMERGENCY RESPONSE.
Respectfully submitted, Q^lfl^J^

Brian D. Hill ( pro se )
916 Chalmers St. - Apt. D, Martinsville, VA 24112

Phone: (276) 632-2599

05-09-2015, 02:40 PM
I'm confused. So Brian Hill was framed with child pornography because he supported Alex Jones, but he's also mentally ill and "thinks" he's a sex offender and antagonized the cops and you want us to sign a petition asking Obama to pardon him?

Can you condense your posts into a paragraph for us?

05-09-2015, 02:48 PM
I'm confused. So Brian Hill was framed with child pornography because he supported Alex Jones, but he's also mentally ill and "thinks" he's a sex offender and antagonized the cops and you want us to sign a petition asking Obama to pardon him?

Can you condense your posts into a paragraph for us?

No, the Hospital lied about him or misinterpreted his statements when he claimed he was being set up for a sexual offense. He has written copies of various statements he made at the Hospital. He told them he was framed and that he wasn't guilty. The staff there misinterpreted his words and thought that he was claiming he was accused of a sexual offense. In various Affidavits he has asserted his Innocence. It wasn't because he supported Alex Jones but he was framed for threatening to remove a State Senator from office. That Senator named Philip Edward Berger Senior of North Carolina has a son whom was formerly a District Attorney named Phil Berger Junior. Berger had his hand prints throughout the whole child porn case until it was given to the U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand. The purpose of the petition is to right the wrongs done to this innocent man by the U.S. District Communist Court.

He has Mild Autism so the way he talks sometimes makes him sound like he is guilty or make admissions of guilt however he is not. He told the Martinsville Memorial Hospital that he was being framed with child porn for going up against a corrupt State Senator. He was under a high level of fear and anxiety from finding out about the Federal Arrest Warrant, he threatened to kill Senator Berger and the police that framed him and planned to kill himself because he knew he would be railroaded then added to the Sex Offender Registry (which he is on that awful registry now) but was thrown into the mental hospital. Dan Johnson from PANDA and others involved in the political movement tried to help him then two Agents from the DHS arrested him. I know it sounds bad but Brian normally is peaceful and is non-violent. The govt is harassing him and framed him because he vowed to be elected to the Mayodan Town Council to file a motion to fire Phil Berger from town attorney position then fire the police chief Charles J. Caruso. They retaliated by starting a child porn investigation against him and fabricating evidence. The SBI is investigating the Agent involved in the possible frame up of Brian. As of right now Brian no longer wishes to harm himself and will not harm others. He was in a state of total fear, anxiety, and hatred against the ones that frame him. I know that mental health record makes him look bad but he is not a evil person. He only wants his life back which was taken away from him by a corrupt Senator with connections to law enforcement and Judges.

As of right now Brian is working to file a 2255 Motion to overturn his federal conviction so that he can get out of the dangerous game of politics he was thrown into. The reason his friends are attempting to have him pardoned is because the Federal Judge Osteen Jr. is a crooked Judge that convicts every single person that goes in front of him and he dislikes anybody challenging their convictions. This Judge will no doubt deny his 2255 Motion then not grant a certificate of appealibility. So Brian asked his friends to get a petition to persuade 100,000 people to sign to put pressure on Obama to pardon Brian so that his wrongful conviction no longer stands.

Please bare with me as his criminal case is complicated. Maybe presenting the Martinsville Memorial Hospital record was a bad move but it still proves beyond doubt that Homeland Security targeted him for his political statements he made online. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will answer them to the best of what I know from what happened to Brian.

05-09-2015, 03:09 PM
I know I am presenting this poorly but I just copied and pasted a bunch of information sent to me by Sheila Dogwood whom was writing news articles on Planet Infowars about Brian's situation but unfortunately his Probation Officer Kristy Burton shut Brian up by ordering him not to text message anybody anymore even though cell phone texting is NOT a violation of the conditions of his release. Unfortunately the corrupt Federal Judge William L. Osteen Jr. ordered Kristy Burton to demand that Brian not text message anybody anymore including the media and his lawyer. I wish I could start this thread all over again and present this a lot better but it is what it is. Brian got dragged into a war started by the Berger Family in North Carolina. He needs people to help as his mental state has worsened which is why he made threatening statements towards law enforcement in 2012 but that stopped when he realized suicide was not the answer, that he can fight to prove to the American people that he is NOT a pedophile, that child porn was planted on his computer. The govt continues harassing him for a crime he didn't do. He needs help from others to get justice in the legal system. He doesn't have the financial resources to get his conviction overturned. The govt keeps abusing him, calling him a sex offender, bullying him, refusing to allow him to prove his innocence, barking orders at him, and calling him Delusional to discredit his claims of Innocence. Brian has been abused by the legal system into almost committing suicide.

In fact a SBI page IV of his case shows that child porn was downloading on eMule from July 20, 2012 all the way up to July 28, 2013. Brian didn't have that computer after it was seized in August 28, 2012. Somebody was downloading child porn to his computer when he didn't have his computer. Some of the evidence being leaked by the Whistleblower definitely smells of a set up attempt against Brian.

USWGO Brian didn't used to be like this, falling to pieces. He ran a grat alternative media organization and stood up against the NDAA of 2012 and against a corrupt State Senator.

05-09-2015, 03:33 PM
When you hear The Bob Tuskin Show interviewing Brian, you will understand more about his plight.

http://republicbroadcasting.org/archives/index.php?cmd=archives.year&ProgramID=118&year=15 - March 25, 2015 - For the whole 1 hour segment, Brian was interviewed by Bob Tuskin regarding his frame up on possession of child pornography as charged by U.S Attorney Ripley Rand. He explains why he thinks he was framed (Corrupt Senator Phil Berger), who was apart of the investigation, and kinda explained in 1 hour the plight he is in at this time. At the time he attempted to Appeal his conviction but failed due to his court appointed counsel backstabbing him and giving him a hard drive with child porn embedded courtesy of the Mayodan Police Department. He foiled the second attempted set up plot on him and reported the matter to the FBI. No charges have been filed since Brian took appropriate steps. He found out later that he may face a superseding indictment had he continued the Appeal so he is focusing on the 2255 Motion for Writ of Habeas Corpus on grounds such as violation of his Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel, and Actual Innocence.