View Full Version : The transition from Ron to Rand..

04-13-2015, 10:51 AM
Slowly I am transitioning all my 2012 social media outreach from Ron Paul, to Rand Paul. I decided to keep the accounts, and the names because of the outreach they already have. For example I have a Youtube account with almost 1000 subscribers, and Google+ Account with almost 4000 people who have added me to circles, and a twitter with hundreds of followers. I feel as if recreating new accounts for Rand would be throwing away the base I built last election cycle.

I am also trying to assess the needs of the grassroots community as a whole, what we had with Ron, and what we don't have set up with Rand. Any input from the community would be great.

For example, I think we do need to get a website setup similar to Ronpaulflix.com , it would be ideal for the owner to transition it to Randpaulflix, and just setup a redirect but I'm not sure who runs it.

In my free time I will be working on quite a few other projects I have in mind for this election cycle. Let's get this party started, Rand Paul 2016!