View Full Version : Ep. 344 Why Economic Freedom? Hereís Why (Tom Woods, Jr.)

02-23-2015, 07:29 PM
Hereís a basic overview of the economic and moral imperatives behind the free market. I think itís pretty convincing, but then since Iím the speaker, I suppose I would. (No YouTube versions of the episodes from yesterday through Monday, since it would be redundant to create them.)- Tom Woods, Jr.


MP3 only, well worth the listen. From the novice to the expert, it's entertaining as well as informative. Please share.

Many people think they are socialists, or what have you, (or they ascribe to such a philosophy) but in actuality quite a few of them are receptive to reasonable and logical arguments with regards to markets (I would like to hope, anyways, and I have had some successes). When what people think of as complex or boring subjects are broken down to easily digestible and entertaining parcels, it's a very beneficial thing. Buy his new book, share a few podcasts, he's doing some good work.

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Lol. I wonder what was special about 02-23-2015.