View Full Version : Tucson, Arizona. college demanded I be searched to attend public meeting

02-09-2015, 10:39 PM
background: I'm an honor student with no criminal background or mental health issues in a post Bachelors teacher preparation program who upset a Jewish student and Jewish instructor by stating that I wanted to have my own Christian school. The student made unwelcome, negative comments about me and Christ in two classes. Both instructors looked the other way. In the class with the instructor above, she cut off all communication with me and gave me several zeros, making my final grade a 'D', which means no credit. I appealed and complained about the sanctioning of her lies and not looking at the facts of the case. I asked about the policy of handing out fliers about the college's corruption, and campus police were sent banging on my door to say I was immediately suspended. That was two years ago, and the school openly lies about my commitment to follow policies as a way to extend my suspension. A top administrator lied to me in a letter saying I'd been asked multiple times to leave campus when I complained about the police action. Their latest assault on freedom is below.

January 14, 2015, was the first time I attempted to enter the Pima Community College Governing Board meeting. I had been effectively barred from it for a long time with an unlawful 'suspension' they dished out and then discouraged by the school's legal counsel when I sought to attend. The school even wrote me a letter accusing me of contacting the publicly elected board in a commie attempt to build their false charges. They then said I could go to meetings after I made an open meetings complaint with the Attorney General. However, my case was not found in my favor as they didn't find that a board member actually had knowledge of my not being allowed. The policies they rule over did, however, and that makes them guilty. The board members ignored my emails, and Brenda Even hung up on me the only time I ever got her on the phone.

Anyways, I notified the college ahead of time to be on the safe side for the recent attempt to attend a meeting. When I got there, two policemen (I think even in bullet proof vests) denied me entry unless I would submit to being patted down. I asked it the head of their unit, Manny Amado, was there. He came out and in a pretty accusatory tone said that "you have an axe to grind with the college". I asked what is wrong with that, "I'm an ordinary citizen. He responded that I'm not an ordinary citizen and returned to the meeting area reaffirming to the policeman that I need to be patted down or leave.

I left the meeting place because I'm not going to submit to such a tyrannical request. It was obvious to me that they didn't want to take a chance on what I would say at the meeting and were using dirty tactics to squash me. Are you familiar with this sort of treatment becoming more common? I suspect that since the Jared Loughner incident (he attended this very college) on January 8, 2011, the police system is using that as their false reasoning to silence people. My reasoning is the Amado belongs to a national group apparently formed in reaction to the shooting and spoke at a conference at the U. of A. last summer for them. It's all about assessing people to limit them. The police chief in the Jennifer Jones arrest at a city council meeting in Quartzsite, Arizona, back in 2011 stated the Loughner incident for blocking Ms. Jones' right to free speech as well. He said that people who want to criticize the government show us that they are a severe threat.

Does anyone know of case law or other incidents that I can look into? "If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you lost." Thanks.