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12-03-2007, 11:25 PM
Ron Paul: Dead on.

So ive been reading about the Nuclear weapons program being canceled in Iran since 2003 and it got me thinking about the presidential candidates and what they have been saying about Iran and I realized something. Once again, Ron Paul was dead on! Thats right, so far all of Ron Paul's predictions on foreign predictions has been correct. From voting NO to the war in Iraq, warning us what would happen there to the pending hostilities towards Iran, he seems to be the Candidate that always gets it right, so my question to you is, why is he being shunned so badly by the major news networks? If we are to elect a president to represent us in the world as a people, should we not go with the one who seems to know the most about whats going on in the world? Im not looking for a pretty face or a nice smile, not that im saying Ron Paul doesn't look fine, but in terms of vanity, I think that its pretty vain to ignore one of the more educated candidates running for office. Is vanity all that America cares about anymore? Im starting to believe that.


what do you think?

12-03-2007, 11:32 PM
I ask this question daily, I don't understand why people act like RP is wrong...he has a record that proves otherwise....it's like asking what came first the chicken or egg...the world may never know lol