View Full Version : 9 Republicans launched freedom caucus started by Amash

01-26-2015, 07:41 PM

Justin Amash launch freedom caucus! :D

01-26-2015, 08:04 PM
The Freedom Caucus will be an invite-only group, and members involved with the planning said they will invite around 30 lawmakers to join. If the caucus can boast a 29-person membership, it would be in a position to block Republican legislation that members don’t support.

Big, giant IF right there.

01-26-2015, 10:36 PM
Closely related to the (Ron Paul) Liberty Caucus.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_Caucus

01-26-2015, 10:54 PM
The founding members include Republican Reps. Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Jim Jordan of Ohio, John Fleming of Louisiana, Matt Salmon of Arizona, Justin Amash of Michigan, Raśl Labrador of Idaho, Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina, Ron DeSantis of Florida and Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

How strong of allies are these Congressmen?

Why no Massie I wonder?

01-30-2015, 10:45 PM
How strong of allies are these Congressmen?

Why no Massie I wonder?

My guess is because Massie wasn't elected until 2 years after Amash.

Let's see, adding Massie to that list there would make 10. Who else would be possible additions? The ones that come to mind for me would be: Huelskamp, Sanford, Bridenstine, and Yoho. That would put it up to 14. How can they possibly dredge up 15 more Congressman that could arguably qualify? I'm not so sure that would be possible, there's only so many of them that are even halfway decent. Jones maybe for 16?

01-30-2015, 11:40 PM
Rod Blum from Iowa.

01-31-2015, 01:37 AM
Rod Blum from Iowa.

Good call! Also Dave Brat, I forgot about him as well. So if we count Jones, and add Blum and Brat, that puts us up to 18. What other 11 could we possibly have, that would be solid 80% or more of the time? If Amash could assemble a full 29, that little voting bloc would have a lot of potential to be extremely influential.