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erran speaker
12-03-2007, 08:55 PM
i know how much people love door to door, but here's a tip from a romney supporter in my family.

after going door to door and averaging only 6-8 people per hour (and collecting half that many signatures/hr) to get her candidate's name on the ballot, my cousin was picking up her kids from elementary school.

she picks her kids up everyday and usually gets there 30 minutes early so she isn't too far back in the line. then, a few days ago, she had an inspiration. parking her car out of the way, she walked the line, collecting almost 30 signatures in 40 minutes before the kids got out. she got campaign materials into the hands of, and signatures from, a bunch of moms who were glad to have the interruption and were probably dying to talk to their husbands about it that night.

pretty neat, isn't it? she's laying out a strategy for repeat performances, hitting every elementary school in the county (there are five) on one day and then repeating again next week. she doesn't want to go to any school more than twice or more than once a week, and i agreed with her that it's important not to turn people off. i suppose for us, we'd have to coordinate it through our local meetup groups.

we talk about the MSM a lot, but here is a real chance to introduce Dr Paul to the MSV - Main Stream Voters - of america. including drive time, she'll invest about 15 hours and see more than 500 families. i think this is a phenomenal idea, particularly if people will remember to dress professionally, be respectful, and stop pitching once the line starts moving and the kids are getting out :)

honestly, girls (and moms who happen to be on this forum, if any ;) ), this is a real chance for us to have a solid impact and reach out to our peers who haven't heard the message. i'm going to get the baby a ron paul shirt and take him with me. we all know how important our kids' futures are, and i think these moms will vote if we can help cure their apathy. there are over 780 iowa elementary schools and 575 in new hampshire. If we talked to just 60 moms at each school in iowa, converted 20% of them, and half those brought their husbands on January 3rd, we would secure more than 14,000 votes for our candidate (+ lots of holiday talking time).

bytheway, 14,000 votes would have placed third in the republican caucus in 2000. on top of other efforts, this could place iowa in serious contention. remember, an iowa caucus has to have 15% for a candidate at each location or they don't count it. real parents with real families, real workers and real business owners, have will sway their neighbors. by doing this in the next two weeks before the 16th, we can prep everybody to be listening when they hear about the tea party.

and the best thing is the time. at 2-3 minutes per voter, it's hard to imagine a faster way to plant the seeds of change :)