View Full Version : If Rand does well in the 2016 primaries, what excuses can be used to dismiss his showing?

01-17-2015, 02:22 AM
- XXX state doesnt matter!
- XXX state was just a caucus. Caucuses dont matter! Go to our website and vote: should caucuses be outlawed?
- Its all about XXX other state where Rand is polling badly so he should just drop out already!
- coming in 2nd is irrelevant. You need to come in 1st for it to matter!
- He may have come in 2nd but he did worse than his dad in XXX state, so he has less of a chance of winning this than his father, who never stood a chance anyway!
- Rand was expected to win XXX state anyway. He cant win anywhere else!
- Rand came in first but dont mind that, XXX other candidate is SURGING!!!
- Rand came in first in XXX state but he's a long shot candidate so it doesnt count!
- Rand is a racist pedophile plagiarist, just like people in XXX state so it doesn't count!
- Rand doesnt matter, he may have come in first but its all about XXX other candidate vs XXX other candidate, who practically tied with him, so actually Rand lost this!