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12-03-2007, 05:50 PM
Here is a list of responses to the questions I was unable to answer immediately. ***Elijah provided most of the answers, so please thank him when you see him.*** I'll add details for Trevor when I have a minute. Please continue to ask questions in this thread:


Katharine Memole
Customer Relations

* Pg 2---Why 2 videographers?
We removed the second one and put the first one @ $500 per week

* tea from blimp= free speech?

* Down payment? $200,000 by friday the 7th

* Do you have current bills and fees that you intend to pay with Purchases/Sponsorships? No

* I agree that this is an amazing new paradigm shift in the world of advertising. I'm amazed at the legal minds that came up with it, truly I am. I'm just worried about there not being enough time to reach the fundraising deadlines. If Elijah had thought up this idea 2 or 3 months earlier I would not at all be concerned, its just a matter of I find I can't go to sleep because I keep refreshing the forum page, looking for some assurances that this beautiful dream won't end up in the almost was bin. Please just a wink-wink or a nudge-nudge that says there is some kind of backup plan in place. You don't even have to say what it is, just something to allow my troubled mind to sleep.The new deadline is Friday the 7th to collect $200,000

* btw: the WiFi completely breaks down when going cross country and may not be so hot in some cities. I would feel a lot better with the $50,000 gyroscope steady camera and microwave downlink to news stations if we are talking about pissing money away on salaries and equipment. (after the basic blimp is bought and paid for, of course).

Researched it at 2,000 feet and looks like it is going to work.

* "We have been told that the blimp will fly over the Super Bowl and Times Square for New Years. Has the proper research been done to get the security clearance for these incredibly restricted regions of air space? Those spaces are restricted for commercial and pleasure flights. This flight is neither.Our first amendment lawyer will help us fight for our free speech right to fly in restricted airspace.

* why was the cost of the sign initially included/free and now is not? (because the guy that owns the blimp is a RP supporter). We had to switch from banners to decals because they ran out of the banner material and we have a tight deadline. The decals are more expensive but we are still getting a great deal on them.

* Why was it initially supposed to be painted directly on the blimp and now is a banner to be draped over it? It never said ANYWHERE it was supposed to be painted, originally we were going to use banners, now we are using decals because the banner material was out of stock.

* What would the retro-fit time be to put a scrolling banner on instead or later? It would take a month.

* could you put the detailed research page back up? I wanted to go over some things in that again and cache a copy! This will be called "about the blimp" page when it is back up.

* Can the official campaign buy advertising? No I do not believe so

* Pledge no pay until blimp is off the ground. I thought this was already agreed upon but I guess we never wrote it down , we will try to update the faq

* I am not asking about the Blimp company. I am asking about the advertising company which is collecting funds, they are called Liberty Political Advertising .How much capital (money) have the President and Vice President of Liberty Political Advertising put into this new venture of thier own. They hope to raise $500K, what percent of that figure has been put up by the owners of Liberty Political Advertising? I ask because it is possible that those buying thier product may lose some of thier funds, I am curious how much the principles of the company have at risk? We have put nothing into it besides hard work and the money we lost from quiting our jobs

* The ownership of any company is often the key to gaining investors and/or capital and getting a project off the ground. I do not know much about those who own and run Liberty Political Advertising and I am simply seeking some information. This information I am asking is very basic.

What is the past employment history of the President and Vice President?
Trevor has owned MusicSubmit.com (incorporated in FL) for 4-years and worked for Fidelity Investments for awhile.
Elijah was co-owner and vp of Aaron V Hill Corp. mycoloradolocksmith.com -

Have they been charged or convicted of any criminal activities in the past?
Trevor has a couple traffic tickets.
Elijah has a clean record but may have a traffic ticket or 2

Are they married?
Elijah is not married.
Trevor is single.

How long have they lived at their current address?
Trevor, 1-year in NH.
Elijah has lived at his current address for 6 years

What level of education do they have?
Trevor went to some college.
Elijah has a H.S.E.D

* I'd also like to know if Liberty Political Advertising has reached out and contacted other companies and political parties concerning future advertising and which parties or individuals they have contacted? Yes they can and they will need to contact Elijah, Trevor or Jerry but at this time we are at 100% capacity and cannot take on new customers.

Smiley Gladhands
12-03-2007, 07:30 PM
Thanks. I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a summary of that really long Q&A thread. And suddenly it was there, before me. Thanks.


12-03-2007, 08:17 PM
man, a few of those questions towards the end start to get personal. i'm not sure why anyone feels the need to know that kind of stuff. anyways, whoever asked, there ya go.

12-05-2007, 08:12 AM
Yeah I think a lot of the questions were unnecessarily hostile, but then a lot of the tone in this whole forum comes with that caveat.

12-05-2007, 08:29 AM
I remember reading in one of the threads about people concerns of where the money was going etc.

I will go ahead and toss this out there.

I am an accountant and willing to look over the books to ease peoples concerns. Im sure you already have an accounting agency working for the business so maybe they can release an up-to-date financial statement.

I offer this to ease peoples concerns. But of course, at this time, I would probably not be able to audit their books by this Friday.

This is just a suggestion. I'm trying just as hard as anyone to see this get done.

12-05-2007, 09:00 AM
What is stated above is not making me really happy on one expensive point in particular. I seem to remember one of the original pages (printed one of them out), or a post here contradicting that....

I'll look into it later this afternoon.