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01-05-2015, 08:50 AM
I am currently sitting at the BWI Airport waiting for my 14 year old nephew to board a plane to return to his parents; a direct flight from Baltimore to Jacksonville, Florida. I am not with my nephew, because I have just been banned by the TSA and am not allowed to pass the security gate (by the way, I only had an escort pass to help my nephew to the plane gate). My handicapped husband had to take my nephew through the TSA gate (but first they made him walk with his cane... he has MS... across the terminal to get another escort pass, walk back and stand through the TSA lines, and then walk my crying nephew to the gate because I was not allowed through). The TSA told my nephew he would not be allowed to fly home, which upset him and stared the crying. My handicapped husband was not allowed to say one word for fear they would ban him.

How it all started... my nephew (husband and daughter) and I arrived 2 hours early to check in his one bag, for me to get an escort pass to go through the security gate and make it to the plane gate. My husband and daughter sat on a bench near the entrance for my return. All was going well with check in for my nephew and I, and we proceeded to the security line, it was a 20 minute wait. Eventually, we became second in line at the security desk. The agent then announced all passengers in line with a "TSA Ticket' (minors are issued a TSA ticket) were in the wrong line and had to go to the TSA Line. We then proceeded to the other TSA line and had another 20 minute wait from the back of the line. When we both arrived at the TSA desk, the officer told us we were in the wrong line and had to go TO THE BACK of the security line (the first line we were sent from, which is now 40 minutes long AND we still have not reached the scanning machine line... another 20 to 40 minutes). My escort pass... not a flight ticket, evidently did not say TSA... even though I was just an escort and we had been told by the first TSA agent to go to the TSA line. (Now who would have thought that issuing an escort pass needed to match a child's ticket so as to not separate a child from an escort). Confused and not sure what the issue really was... I then asked for a manager, thinking someone could identify what the real problem was (big mistake)! And of course the TSA manager after listening to the TSA agent and not asking us anything told us to go to the back of the non TSA line, the first line we were in. At this point... I am getting frustrated and told the TSA manager "we had already done the first line and were told to go to the TSA line. Going back to the first line would be another 40 minutes. Why do we have to stand in line again after being told to move to the TSA line". His response... "you are being too loud, go to the back of the line or I'll call security". Fact is... any verbal objection to what we were told to do would have been too loud. Thinking surely security would have some common sense I said, "that's OK, maybe they will see we have been directed inappropriately, and that we should not be penalized for following the agents directions". As security was called we were then escorted behind the desks and our tickets and IDs confiscated. Coincidently, the man who was directly behind us in the first line was now standing next to us at the line to go through the scanning machine. Hearing the conversation he told the TSA manager that we were correct in that we had been told to leave the first line and stand in the second TSA line by the first agent. He was then told by the manager, "you don't know what your talking about". NOW I am really getting upset and turn to hear the TSA agent telling security that "She is causing a disturbance". Imagine that, I have now gone from being too loud to causing a disturbance and so far all I've implied is I should not have to stand in line a third time. The security officer then told me I would not be allowed through the gate and told my nephew he would have to find the gate on his own. I objected that a minor should have an adult escort and that I would not allow my nephew to go on his own. At which the officer told my nephew he would not be going home today! My nephew started to cry. I then asked for our tickets and IDs back and was told I would get them back after a background check. After another 20 minutes, my background check completed: no warrants, arrests, or criminal record I was given our tickets back. When I asked security for my ID she pushed me and said get away from her. Even my daughter saw her push me. When I asked security and the TSA manager for their supervisors names and contact information... I was given a card with no names and the TSA.Gov site and told to file a complaint.

Why is the TSA and our own police allowed to continue to intimidate, harass, humiliate and assault citizens. There is no customer advocate, no citizen process to appeal to or to object with on the spot. It appears the TSA can treat anyone any way they want... and citizens have no say so. Questions and opportunities to share unfairness are met with distain and criticism. I can't imagine how a 59 year old woman and a 14 year old child are a security risk worth creating such an ordeal over.

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01-13-2015, 07:53 PM
Good golly. I can't help but think how pathetic everyone looks waiting in line to get scanned. If only everyone would rise up and opt out of the scanners. Make TSA hire more workers for all the passengers requesting a nonx-ray search.