View Full Version : Ron Paul texas Dec 16th ad chip-in

12-03-2007, 02:55 PM
Hey guys,

I am going to put an ad in the local newspaper on Dec. 16th This is the information:

need you to fill out the attached form. The space reservation
deadline for Sunday is Thursday at noon. Ad copy deadline is Thursday
at 4 pm.
Attached is the rate card.

If you want a half page ad the price would be $15.80 times 63 column
inches. So your total cost for this size ad for one Sunday would be

This is one of the larger ads. A quarter page ad on a Sunday would be
$15.80 times 31.5 column inches. Total cost would be $497.70.

Please chip-in...


Also, if anyone has a 1/4 page ad i could use, or if anyone can create one i would really appreciate it. This paper should reach about 20,000 people. I sure would like to tell 20,000 people about ron paul and the teaparty on Dec.16th!

Please help!