View Full Version : Amash: Most “Egregious” Violation of Privacy Law Just Passed By Congress

12-16-2014, 04:00 PM

With next to no debate, Congress may have quietly passed a bill authorizing the executive branch access to nearly all communications by Americans.
Congressman Justin Amash attempted to rally members of Congress against the bill saying it is one of the most egregious attacks on rule of law that he has seen since becoming a member of Congress.
Ben Swann has more on the legislation and how it managed to be passed with almost no one noticing.

12-16-2014, 07:02 PM
pgp, anyone?

(this runs on windows)


a good read:


12-16-2014, 07:05 PM
pgp, anyone?

Its in the law that any communications that are encrypted my be retained FOREVER instead of the 5 year window. Before long what we consider PGP encryption now will be childs play in the future.

12-16-2014, 07:08 PM
I would say "unreal" but it is very believable now.