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12-08-2014, 11:00 PM
First and foremost I must start this by saying, I never ever thought that I would be in this position at this time in history. Being on this website I came to a point where I wanted to figure out how to ensure more influence of the message locally. I witnessed the discussion about the RNC and what took place with Ron Paul's campaign in 2012. I unfortunately wasn't frequenting the website at this time, but after joining and months of research accumulation, I found out that my County State Committeeman is from the liberty-movement from within my state. I joined my Executive Committee before Halloween and spoke to my former chairman once on the phone about a 2 weeks after sending in the papers.

After it finally hit me this was going to actually happen, I searched for recruits. Some were very familiar with elder Paul, some were aware of his existence, and some were more late than I was. After debriefing on elder Paul and working into junior Paul, I wanna confirm on working to start with 3 solid people and work toward a dozen people by election time. I am going to take this VERY serious.

I posted this thread also to request any tips, suggestions and references to assist in unifying with conservatives toward the acceptance of the growing "liberty/libertarian" faction of the GOP. I'm in school full time, unemployed so I do have some time.

12-08-2014, 11:21 PM
+rep and +subbed to do more on this when I can.

First and foremost, a light grasp of some Republican history helps. The establishment will try to argue that 'libertarianism doesn't belong in the Republican party' as a reason to freeze you out of things, you will want to be able to 1) articulate the policies and platform of people like Robert A. Taft and Barry Goldwater, as well as demonstrating that this philosophy goes back in the GOP all the way to Frederick Douglass and John C. Frémont; and 2) avoid using the "l" word at all. Most republicans think 'libertarian = liberal' because the words sound similar, and trying to reclaim the word amongst GOP partisans in an executive committee will get you nowhere. I call myself (and 100% truthfully so) a "Constitutional Conservative" meaning I am simply trying to conserve obedience to the Constitution, a Republican philosophy from day 1 all the way up to this current hour.

You could probably do a lot more "damage" (the good kind) by triangulating Frederick Douglass and Strict Constitutionalism than I can. You probably have a chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation in your State: http://tfdf.org/ I am good friends with the guy who created it (along with being a member), and they will also help you maneuver the political landscape.

Also, learn how to 'soften the blow' of some of our more radical policies such that you say the exact same thing without clubbing someone over the head with a baseball bat. The statement "The policies of prohibition seem to be doing more harm than good, and I wonder if we should reassess the constitutionality of this policy" says basically the same thing as "End the War On Drugs!" without freaking out the Excomm and making them look for ways to toss you off the committee.

12-08-2014, 11:24 PM
OH, and must not forget -- the better you are in Robert's Rules, the more you will get done. It's almost a direct proportion. Knowing parliamentary procedure is often (nay, usually) more important than actually having an articulate policy.

Also, remember you are not really there to articulate policy, the job of the Republican Party is to 'elect Republicans.' So you will have to feign a lack of disgust for some candidates. However, you are the ones who get listened to by the candidates and elected persons as to where to go with policy, so you DO have an impact on policy, but not 'officially.'

Except for when the platform comes around.

You can 'warm up' for platform committee by trying to get on the Resolutions Committee for the convention cycle.