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12-02-2007, 06:16 PM
Hey guys, I wanted to speak to all of you about reaching out to other Christians. I understand not all of you are Christians, but I really desire to talk to them about Ron Paul, because I already have common ground with them. Could you guys help give me some ideas to get Ron Paul's message to the people in my church?

I wish I had a Ron Paul flyer that was specifically targeted toward Christians. I could seriously get those around the local very well if I could just get a couple people on my cause. I also know of a Cici's Pizza 20 miles away run by a very outspoken Christian, and I might try to get in touch with him. Anyone know of any good flyers or something of the sort pertaining to Ron Paul on Christianity?

Last, I'll be getting an iPod touch for Christmas for the purpose of putting Ron Paul videos on my iPod and showing them to my fellow church members. Are there any videos pertaining to Christianity with Ron Paul in them? If you could give me some links to these videos I'd really appreciate this. I believe we can win over the religious right, because Ron Paul really supports many of their ideals. None of the other candidates support almost any of the ideals of Christians from my estimation.

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Yeah, hopefully that post was clear enough. If I was unclear in my post, just let me know and I'll try to make it a bit more coherent.

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Here is a minister, Chuck Baldwin, that supports Ron Paul and has some interesting takes on Huckabee.

About Chuck Baldwin:

FOUNDER-PASTOR of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Dr. Baldwin and his wife met with four others on June 22, 1975, for the first meeting of the Crossroad Baptist Church. The church was organized in September of that year. Six acres of prime property were purchased in 1978. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence. The church has gone through five building programs and has just move into its current 750-seat auditorium and office complex. The church plans to next construct a gymnasium/youth center. Some of the choice spiritual and political leaders of the nation have spoken in this pulpit including Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Reform Party Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, Evangelist Pete Rice, U.S.S. Pueblo Intellegence Officer Lt. Commander Steven Harris, Author Salem Kirban, Vietnam Veteran/Evangelist Tim Lee, Author & Liberty University Professor Harold Willmington, Rep. Joe Scarborough, Rep. Jeff Miller, Tortured For Christ Author Harlan Popov, Evangelist Chuck Millhuff, Pastor Walt Hanford, Author/Evangelist Don Boys, Author/Evangelist/ WW II Veteran Kenny McComas, Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel, Businessman Stanley Tam, Dr. Reed Bell, "Top Gun" Pilot/Gulf War Veteran Commander Sandy Jones, Alabama Governor Fob James, Jr., Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, 2000 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips, Reform Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ezola Foster, D. James Kennedy Associate Janet Folger, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka, Former Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Dr. Greg Dixon, Ambassador Alan Keyes, and others.

Article about why Huckabee should not be the Christian choice:


Same guy about Rudy Guiliani:


His support for Ron Paul:


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A few other points from my mother the evangelical. She sees Huckabee as the biggest threat in her demographic:

1. Huckabee is too "televangelist"
2. Pandering is a turn-off
3. Huckabee is weak on immigration
4. Chuck Norris? That's all you got?
5. High taxes and scandals as governor

Overall, conduct and living your faith is more important. Ron Paul:

1. Married 50 years to same woman.
2. Baptist church member, Lutheran background with family in ministry
3. Just watch the debates - only honest unscripted guy on stage.
4. Not "using God" to get elected

There's more. Maybe someone else can keep adding.

12-02-2007, 07:04 PM
Hey, I really appreciate the initial help you've given me!

12-02-2007, 07:07 PM
As a fellow Christian, this is what I'm doing as well. Dr. Paul solution to the abortion issue is something that I believe all Christians should be aware of. If we want to reduce abortions immediately, we should go with his idea instead of trying to do what we've been doing (unsuccessfully) for the last 30 years.

Here are some thing that may help:

There is a video of him talking to a pastors forum but I can't seem to find it. Some Christians like Huckabee since he's a Christian as well but I've (nicely) pointed out that he's basically a pro-life liberal.

12-02-2007, 07:10 PM
Send the to this Christians for Ron Paul video.
Send them the link to the site as well


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I think this is one of the best video for christians I have seen


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12-02-2007, 07:57 PM
Peaceplan, seriously..thank you from the bottom of my heart. That was really the best video ever.

That is the video I can use to win over my fellow Christians.

Even still guys, keep the videos coming. If you know of any flyers that would help a Christian learn about Ron Paul that would be great!

12-02-2007, 09:29 PM
I think this is one of the best video for christians I have seen


I just saw this video for the first time and I have to say it's outstanding. If you want to reach out to Christians, you have to know the just war theory with St. Augustine being the original proponent and be able to convincingly explain how the Iraq War has miserably failed in meeting the requirements. Along with abortion, I believe this is the most important issue to talk about with other Christians.

I think it would be also good to mention that Ron Paul voted for the Afghanistan resolution for the president to ONLY target the people who attacked us on 9/11. But unfortunately, Bin Laden escaped to Pakistan and instead of hunting him down, we stopped and went into nation building. I say this because it would be important to clarify that Ron Paul isn't a strict pacifist.

Another huge issue of course is abortion which the article by Chuck Baldwin would serve us well to understand and be able to explain clearly.

And if you want to go even further, the bible states that the government is only there to punish crime and protect the citizens. This would mean that Christians should be against the department of education (parents, not the government has authority and responsibility to educate it's children), ALL subsidies except that which pertains to punishing crime and protecting the citizens (federal funding for prisons, national defense, veterans support, police, judges, etc. is all right and good). But subsidies for education, energy, agriculture, drug-related, technology, nasa, you name it, should all be wiped out eventually. As you can see, libertarianism is the closest thing to biblical politics that we have today and this is where all of the republican candidates fail so horribly except Ron Paul. And not only is it unbiblical, and therefore unchristian, it's also unconstitutional.

I can say so much more but I'll keep it short and brief for now. I'm working on a paper for us Christians for Ron Paul to list all the issues and why RP is right on the money with every single issue (backed up with verses, biblical and systematic theology) and I'll post it in a few days. Hope it will help.


Wow, thanks for the video Peaceplan - another FANTASTIC video.

12-02-2007, 09:53 PM
Ron Paul's brother David is a pastor as well. Not too many people know that.