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12-02-2007, 06:03 PM
Here is an idea originated by WRellim from daily paul. Tell me if you like it, and if so we can make it happen.

We could call it the Freedom Walk - 50,000 people from all the meetup groups could go door to door on the same day, everyone visiting atleast 2 houses, handing out a slimjim and a Ron Paul dvd. Another day in the history books...Can you just imagine the press:
"We are receiving reports from all over the country.Thousands of Ron Paul supporters are going door to door in an effort they call the Freedom walk."

Do you like this idea? If so when could we organize this? I first thought about doing it on the same day as the Tea Party, but than changed my mind. It would be better on a separate date, perhaps Dec 15, a Saturday and Bill of Rights day. We have over 50,000 meetup members from 1000 groups. We could use our meetup groups more efficiently. And this is something just about everyone can do, just go to 2 houses and get the word out.

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Well if you think that this idea holds some merit, can you check out if http://freedomwalk2008.com is available. Thanks for reading, and please give your views or suggestions.

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