View Full Version : Organize "Millionaires For Ron Paul"

12-02-2007, 04:17 PM
I think someone needs to establish a group somewhere on the internet where wealthy Ron Paul supporters can get together (maybe there is only 50 or 60, but maybe there's also 100 or 200) and use their money in more meaningful ways. Let's say you wanted to buy another Ron Paul USA Today ad (or Wall Street Journal, NY Times, whatever) but it costs up to $100,000 to $150,000. Having thousands of RP supporters contribute $25 or $50 makes it difficult to reach that goal. But, if the wealthy RP supporters get together to effectively pitch in their resources, it will be much easier. Imagine 50 wealthy RP supporters trying to reach $100,000, all they have to do is throw together $2,000 a piece. And if they're making upwards of $400,000 or $500,000 (minimum, some may even make $1,000,000) then it would rather easy for them. These RP supporters have also probably maxed out their campaign contributions of $2,300 too.

So, somehow, I think we need to get all of these guys together.