View Full Version : Even though his show has ended, fortunately his voice can still be heard

08-31-2014, 04:05 PM
I'm sure there are other Peter Schiff fans here and as some of you may already know The Peter Schiff show ended on Friday after nearly four years on the air. And it seemed very appropriate that Ron Paul was the final guest on his show on Thursday. I've been a Schiff Head long before Peter coined that description. I was listening to Peter back when he had his Wall Street Unspun show and was a regular guest on Glenn Beck's CNN show. Peter is the one I credit with opening my eyes to Austrian economics and sound money and has been my source of sanity in an insane world for many years now.

Although his radio show has ended, I look forward to continuing to follow Peter's economic analysis on his weekly video podcasts in the future as he continues to fight the good fight with his courage, wisdom, good judgment and incredible articulate speaking ability. Just like there is only one Ron Paul, there is only one Peter Schiff. Which is truly unfortunate for all of us because this country could sure use many more like both of these men. Thank you Peter for all that you do.