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08-21-2014, 06:06 PM
As the United States Senate makes itself as irrelevant as the Roman Senate before it, Obama continues to expand the Imperial Presidency.

Obama Considering Granting 800K Guest-Worker Visas as 90% Believe American Workers Should Be Favored

After meeting with a "bevy" of big-business groups, President Barack Obama is reportedly considering granting them up to 800,000 additional guest-worker visas via executive actions.

According to the Associated Press, "one of the more popular requests among business and family groups is a change in the way green cards are counted," which would "essentially free up some 800,000 additional visas the first year." In addition, "other requests have included removing the requirement that some spouses of U.S. citizens return to their native country for at least three years before they can apply for U.S. residency, as well as extending work permits to the spouses of all temporary H1-B skilled workers." The Obama administration is also considering granting work permits for low-skilled industries as well.

The Obama administration "has already increased the number of guest-worker permits by possibly 100,000 when it allowed the spouses of high-tech guest-workers who are applying for permanent residency to obtain permits."

Numerous companies like Microsoft and Cisco have massively laid off American workers while pushing the Obama administration for more guest-worker visas at a time when scholars and studies from organizations on the left, right, and center have debunked the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers. The Obama administration reportedly wants to appease big-business interests so they give him air cover for his potential executive amnesty, which may enable millions of illegal immigrants to get work permits in addition to temporary amnesty.

Ronin Truth
08-22-2014, 04:46 AM
Most of the people get the government that most of the people deserve.

08-25-2014, 04:42 PM
Even some on the left are warning Obama about his massive power grabs...

Why Obama shouldn't act alone on immigration: Our view
The Editorial Board, 6:19 p.m. EDT August 24, 2014
Congress is the only appropriate venue for adopting such sweeping changes in policy.
Our advice: Don't do it.

Yes, the intransigence of Republicans in the House is exasperating. Many would vote for the bill, but in the name of party unity, the leadership gave its immigration hard-liners a veto. They're blocking a national consensus for changes that would blend a path to legal status for the estimated 11 million undocumented people in the USA with tough enforcement and other changes to discourage future waves on illegal immigration.

This intransigence is also a necessary hurdle to overcome. Congress is the only appropriate venue for adopting such sweeping changes in policy. Obama himself has said so in the past. An executive order affecting a small segment of children brought here by their parents is one thing. A policy shift impacting millions of undocumented workers is quite another.

Congressional action is necessary both as a sign of a functioning democracy and as a lesson for lawmakers that they can't ignore their responsibilities forever.

If Obama were to make a major unilateral policy shift, he would, in essence, let House Republicans off the hook. The pressure on them to act would be lessened. At the same time, they would be able to attack him for being an "imperial president."

Unilateral action might energize Obama's liberal base before the elections, but it would set a dangerous precedent for future presidents to act on other significant matters without the assent of Congress.