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08-04-2014, 10:38 AM
also talks about the Tom McMillin and Kerry Bentivolio primary battles

Why Amash Will Win

By W. JAMES ANTLE III • August 4, 2014

Michigan is Ford and Romney territory, not some hotbed of libertarianism. But no fewer than three liberty Republicans appear on the state’s congressional primary ballots Tuesday. All three are running in districts where the GOP nomination would make them the heavy favorites in November.

The most consequential—and, according to the polls, the most likely to win—is Justin Amash. The two-term congressman has led a bipartisan civil libertarian revolt against the national security state. He has followed in Ron Paul’s footsteps as a stickler for constitutional detail. And he has been reluctant to go to war.

All of this has earned the usual epithets. Critics of his views on foreign policy and civil liberties accuse him of being weak on defense. A fellow Republican congressman called Amash “al Qaeda’s best friend in Congress,” a scurrilous charge repeated in his primary opponent’s ad. A coalition of business groups and hawks have lined up against him.

Most polls nevertheless show Amash ahead. Little by little, his bills reining in the National Security Agency and warrantless surveillance have come closer to reaching the president’s desk. On defunding Obamacare, he votes with Ted Cruz. On defunding controversial NSA data-collection practices, he votes with John Conyers.


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