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07-24-2014, 08:49 PM
great article by Weigel...

The Man the Chamber of Commerce Can’t Beat
Rep. Justin Amash was supposed to be an easy target for GOP centrists. He is on his way to an easy victory.

By David Weigel
JULY 24 2014 7:43 PM

IONIA, Mich.—The annual parade and fair, which locals claim is the largest free fest of its kind, occupies most of the main street and all of a nearby park. By 11 a.m. the best seats along the parade route are taken, and the free sidewalk space has been chalked up, courtesy of a nearby church, with suggested prayers and Bible verses. As the crowd sweats, the grand marshal reminds everyone to return in August for a Vietnam veteran motorcycle ride. “They didn’t really get the respect they deserved when they returned home,” he says. “Let’s make it up to them.”

A few blocks away, at the back of the parade route, the local congressman who has been called “al-Qaida’s best friend” is getting plenty of respect. Rep. Justin Amash, whose libertarian voting record supposedly made him a soft target for more hawkish Republicans, is finding no one who agrees with his opponents’ attacks.

“I don’t know why they just don’t deal with honest facts,” says one elderly voter.

“It’s backfiring on ’em,” says Amash.

A propane salesman named Don Rittersdorf asks why Amash’s opponent, a businessman named Brian Ellis, is being so vicious. “Right out of the gate, he was attackin’!” he says. “I was like, holy cow!”

“It’s just that time of year,” says Amash.

Josh Reisbig, who works for a trucking company, tells Amash that he did not fall for an ad accusing him of backing gender-selective abortion.

“You’ve got a bill with multiple things in there, and they focus on one part,” says Amash, smiling while he shakes his head.


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http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2014/07/justin_amash_is_leading_the_chamber_of_commerce_ca n_t_beat_him.single.html

07-24-2014, 09:15 PM
Wow, I didn't feel down at all after reading a David Weigel article. I was about to prepare myself for a headline like "A candidate that the chambers of commerce cannot beat but one the neocons can beat in a landslide"

But good on him, I am glad the voters are not buying the ridiculous smears attack from Elis campaign

07-26-2014, 05:26 PM
Still, though, I hope enough people in Amash's district will be on the lookout for any funny business...we don't want Ellis stealing this thing.