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06-16-2014, 11:44 PM
Just a reminder for the candidate forums, and this newly created Dave Brat forum the following will apply:

6) Dedicated candidates or politician forums are to positively reflect the issues and values of the representing individual / campaign. Messages should focus on serious news, issues and activism.
The following elements are off-topic:
• Material of non-support for the individual / campaign (except to expose and correct political spin).
• Issues not associated with the individual / campaign.
• Attacks on the individual, campaign or campaign staff.
• Vulgar language.
• Abrasive and unruly behavior or attitudes not inline with the individual / campaign.
• Attempts to undermine the political party of the individual / campaign.
• Attempts to undermine the value of electoral politics.

Members who dissent from the underlying principles or goals of any site supported candidate or politician must:
• Not use the candidates or politicians forum.
• Follow the Functional Debate Principles for any dissent.

Functional Debate Principles

The site has established debate principles to help achieve productive discourse, the usage of these principles is always encouraged and required for dissent to site established efforts that are working towards the advancement of our Mission Statement. The principles are:
• Follow the site's Usage Guidelines, taking particular care not to use ad hominem attacks and insults against others. This means don't say "You're [some derogatory term]"
• Debate only in proper context; start a new thread if necessary.
• Present your position in an intellectual manner, provide reasoned supporting details.
• Maintain a respectful disposition.
• Do not claim something to be true/false without presenting proof.
• Work to get along with other participants, ask clarifying questions before casting negative assumptions.
• Use extreme care to not misrepresent what you are arguing against. Ask clarifying questions before casting potentially inflammatory misrepresentation.
• Remember to be respectful and work to achieve the purpose of advancing the site's Mission Statement.

Let's get Dave Brat elected!


06-16-2014, 11:47 PM
Good lord.