View Full Version : Dave Brat Addresses the 7th District Republican Convention in Virginia

05-19-2014, 05:18 PM


So, the rest proceeded without a lot of trouble, there were speeches by a number of candidates including Shak Hill running for US Senate, Mark Obenshain for Ed Gillespie (also US Senate) and both Dave Brat and Eric Cantor. Dave Brat was well received and he had several instances where the room erupted in applause, and when he talked about Eric Cantor’s record and Cantor’s amendment to exempt his own wife from the new insider trading laws, some of the Cantor Zombies booed. I am not sure why they would support a Congressman exempting his wife from the rules and laws the rest of us have to follow. I found that quite puzzling.

And then Fred Gruber was introduced by Pat McSweeney who said a few words about Gruber followed by Jamie Radtke who likewise gave Gruber a glowing review, and finally Gruber spoke. His was a message of unity and working together. And getting rid of the efforts to exclude Republicans from voting that Eric Cantor has been doing.
Next, Eric Cantor got up to speak and it was his typical stump speech that I have heard for years now. “I opposed Obamacare” I opposed this and I opposed that. And he accused his opponent Dave Brat of “missing in action” on Obamacare. That was the beginning of the boos Cantor was to hear. Brat is a Conservative Economics Professor and he is a free market proponent and was not in Congress.