View Full Version : JD Hayworth & Rush Limbaugh endorse Walter Jones' victory in NC

05-12-2014, 04:25 PM
Walter Jones should use these almost-endorsements from Limbaugh and Hayworth when the fake tea party candidate tries to primary him in 2016. Walter Jones calls JD Hayworth his friend. Does Griffin or the next guy running call McCain a friend?

JD Hayworth joked about another guy in congress who calls himself a maverick yet his voting record doesn't look like it.

Jones defeated Taylor Griffith, who is a Washington lobbyist and formerofficial in the George W. Bush administration.

The North Carolina Republican says he was targeted because he doesn't agree with "the more liberal element of the Republican Party."

"Those of us who have a conservative view, whether it be illegal immigration or conservative view on social issues . . . they have this fight set on us ever since . . . I did not vote for John Boehner to be speaker of the House," Jones explained.

"I don't lock-step with the leadership — whether it be on the immigration issues or this absolute waste of money in Afghanistan," he added.

Steve Cohen (who succeeded Neocon Harold Ford Jr) offered to defend Walter against the charges of being anti-Israel.

But I'm telling you, they came after Walter Jones big time 'cause he just angered the leadership, and they threw a DC establishment inside-the-Beltway guy at him, and the Republican establishment was aligned with the Democrats trying to get rid of Walter Jones, and they both failed, with a million dollars, in a single congressional race. Walter Jones, known for bucking the leadership on the debt limit. Known to be a prominent social conservative. Violated every tenet.

http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2014/05/08/the_tea_party_is_far_from_dead_in_north_carolina_o r_anywhere_else

Jones also got a dig in at "Chickenhawks like Bill Kristol and maybe Jeb Bush." I wonder if Newsmax decided to cut him off at that point.

He said that Tillis needs to go talk to Brannon's Tea Party people and Harris' social conservative people to make sure they will turn out.