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11-30-2007, 11:56 PM
The Central Alabama Ron Paul 8' x 4' Sign Campaign - An Overview

As most of us who have spoken to people around the state of Alabama know, Ron Paul's name recognition is not very high; I will go so far to say it is very very low. We must increase this!! Chloroplast signs are arguably still the most cost effective way to rectify this problem. Signs not only give a candidate name recognition, but in many cases they lead to potential voters "self-investigating" about Ron Paul, thus greatly helping our job in the department of "name association". Signs, if they are concentrated enough, can also show to voters who like Dr. Paul, but dont think he can win, that he is a stronger candidate than they previously thought. Put yourself in the shoes of a typical apathetic voter: If for a month straight all you saw was Ron Paul signs, would that not give you an indication that he "has a chance to win"? I believe so! This attacks one of our largest impediments, voters who like Paul not voting for him because they dont want to vote for someone who has no chance.


* Blanket Central Alabama with 8' x '4 signs.
* Everyone will see at least one sign, per day, until the election, preferably more.
* Target "supervoting" precincts at an above average level.
* Save money vs. commercial billboards by utilizing our massive volunteer base
* Make sure all 8'x4' signs are in locations where they will not be removed before the primary.
* Determine the vast majority of placements before January.

Determining Locations:

* Always ask owner of property to grant permission.
* Start with friends/family who own property on busy roadways.
* Solicit local businesses on major thoroughfares for permission to place sign along roadside.
* Most of the time the above to will say yes!! Just ask!!
* Collect addresses of properties where we may place a sign.
* Collect contact information of owner if possible.
* Report collected information to our sign team, who will put up these signs beginning the first week of January.
* Use Judgment. There is no absolute best method of gaining permission for sign placement that I know of (if you know the secret :) let me know).
* Though its a 100% fact you will not gain permission if you don't ask! Just get out there and ask! Worse they can say is no thanks.
* Collect as many locations as possible, but if it comes down to an issue of time, try to concentrate on what you think are the best locations in your area.

Paying for Signs:

* These signs will not be provided by the campaign. They are having a hard time even providing yard signs for people who pay for them, let alone provide 8' x 4' signs for people who want them for no cost.
* Signs will be bought with individual donations. As of now I am collecting the donations and will be placing the order for the signs. This may change in the future, though everyone will be notified.
* Donations are maid through the ChipIn at our website. Total donation amount is available for everyone to see.
* Sign cost is determined by quantity ordered. I will be using the company, http://www.yardsigns.org, unless someone points out a better company and/or deal.

Sign Design:

* The design we will be using will be the standard blue sign that has "Ron Paul" in big bold on the first line and "President '08" below on the second line.
* Similar but not exact example: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/files/rp_lawn_sign.jpg
* Sign will be two sided. Blue and white are for sure colors, while whether we add the red will be determined in the future.

Placing Signs:

* Signs will begin to go out in mass during the first week of January.
* If you want to volunteer to be apart of the Sign Team that goes out and helps put these babies up, then please send an email to the below address.
* More info in the future.

ALL Collected information, along with your contact information if you wish to volunteer for the sign team should be sent to:

* Signs@ronpaulbirmingham.com

DONATE to OUR SIGN FUND: (ChipIn on the left side of the page)

* http://www.ronpaulbirmingham.com

For LIberty!!,

Austin Wilkes
austinw356@ ronpaulbirmingham.com

12-01-2007, 04:10 PM
You don't want to copy the official signs exactly... that's kind of a no-no

Here are some billboard designs you are free to use:

If you need something specific let me know and I will create and post the art... IM or EM me
good luck to us all

12-01-2007, 04:16 PM
Great idea, I hope this is executed to the fullest extent possible. I won't be able to donate, but thanks to the link you provided I will be able to finally purchase large signs, which I can and will put to great use in my small town.

12-03-2007, 02:53 PM
BUMP, donations needed please. Donate please.