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Rand Paul to campaign for Greg Brannon in North Carolina

Posted by John Frank on April 30, 2014

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will travel to North Carolina on Monday to give U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon a last-minute boost.

The Charlotte rally with Paul, a 2016 presidential contender and national tea party figure, comes a day before the Tuesday primary vote. Paul endorsed Brannon in October and attended a campaign fundraiser in March.

But he had yet to campaign for Brannon in North Carolina. His late entry suggests the Paul and Brannon camps thinks the race is closer than recent polls suggest, otherwise Paul likely wouldn’t make the trip.

“I think it’s pretty close there actually, and there’s a chance we can help him enough to push him over the top,” Paul told Politico (http://www.politico.com/story/2014/04/rand-paul-north-carolina-senate-race-2014-106205.html) on Wednesday in Washington.

Brannon announced the event Wednesday on Twitter under the banner “big news.” No further details were available. “Senator Paul’s visit will be a tremendous boost to our campaign’s momentum the day before the May 6 Primary,” Brannon said in an email to supporters.

On Twitter, Paul’s account later sent out a link to a video of James Taylor’s “Carolina on My Mind,” saying “a little travel music for next week.”



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Update: this event will be held at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in downtown Charlotte at 12PM on Monday.


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Rand Paul rallies for Greg Brannon in North Carolina


By TARINI PARTI | 5/5/14 3:47 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sen. Rand Paul has been trying to make nice with the GOP establishment for most of the year. But on the eve of a crucial GOP primary here, he fired up a crowd in support of libertarian favorite Greg Brannon, whom he hailed as “the dragon slayer” America needs to destroy the “Leviathan.”

“The status quo has gotten too strong in Washington, D.C. The Leviathan has gotten too large. … As we stand here, the debt clock is spiraling out of control. Send us a champion. Send us a hero. Send us a dragon slayer,” Paul said, speaking prior to Brannon in front of a cheering crowd of about 250 outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Uptown Charlotte on Monday.

Paul’s visit to North Carolina could encourage more libertarians and tea party supporters to head to the polls for Brannon, who is trying to force state House Speaker Thom Tillis into a runoff in Tuesday’s primary. But some Republicans believe Brannon — who has a history of controversial comments on issues from food stamps to the 9/11 terrorist attacks — could cost the party a critical Senate seat in their battle to re-take control of the chamber. The primary is an early test of the Republican establishment’s drive to reassert control over the tea party wing of the GOP and retake the Senate after failing in 2010 and 2012.

Paul pointed to Brannon’s first-hand experience with health care laws to draw a contrast with his primary opponents, including Tillis, who has been backed by American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was endorsed by Mitt Romney earlier on Monday. Brannon, on the other hand, is an OB-GYN who has never run for elected office.


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