View Full Version : Alliance for the Decentralization of Power

04-28-2014, 05:21 PM
We recognize that the system in place is inherently flawed, that power has been consolidated, and those who hold the title of representative, represent exclusively the interests of the wealth responsible for electing them. We the people, the producers of a functioning society are deprived of meaningful participation in the decisions that affect our future. We are seen as an audience, consumers, a labor commodity, and have been effectively reduced to subjects. Wealth decides what will be produced, what you will read, what you will watch, how public funds will be spent, and what laws will be passed. The two parties are the same, and despite the theatrics, the only real difference of opinion occurs when there is conflict between industry. There are of course a few who probably have good intentions but are limited in their capacity to affect change, or compromise those good intentions until there is no good left to be had through their service. It seems cruel leaders are replaced by leaders who turn cruel.

Is there any reason why the people of any community shouldn't have the right to decide their future, and have the resources at their disposal to do so, without being constrained by a federal government that is little more than a pyramid scheme? Is there any reason 1000s of communities should be limited by the authority of a federal and state government? We recognize that socialism and actual capitalism both have their pros and cons, but the true enemy of a free population lies in centralized power. After all shouldn't the people in any city or town be able to decide whether they want individual control of production, democratic control of production, or what balance they would like to strike between the two? Why should a corporation or a bank both with share holders across the country be able to decide what the people are going to produce based solely on their ability to turn a profit, irrespective of the needs of the people? When all the work is being performed by the people in a community why is it that profits flow to those who do not directly participate in production, while those producing goods and services struggle?

While many of us cannot agree on solutions to problems such as inequality, crime, unemployment, global warming, depletion of nonrenewable resources, and the slow death of civil liberty, our ultimate goal is the same: equal opportunity, participation, and freedom. We are united across ideologies to succeed as city states, preserving the state during a transitional period as a coordinator, with each city or town being autonomous. We hope to accomplish this goal by winning local elections, city council seats, mayor, county executive, sheriff, etc. By writing municipal and state constitutions, contributed to by the people, for the people, and passed through referendum. We believe if a sufficient amount of cities synchronized their declarations of independence that a federal response would be both unlikely and ineffective if an attempt was made to force union participation. Liberators do not exist, the people have to liberate themselves. Since it is only us, we can live in whatever kind of world we want to live in, so why do we allow alienation, misery, and tyranny to exist?



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