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04-25-2014, 02:31 PM
Ive gotten several emails the last couple days stating that Greg needs cash for the final push and they're running out, while Tillis is getting Rove's PAC money. Please donate to Greg's campaign today!

Thank you!
Thank you for your generous donation!

Amount: $100.00
Transaction ID: ch_3v680A3KXXX
Transaction date/time: 2014-04-25 XX:XX:15

+rep coming for anyone that posts a donation confirmation.

04-26-2014, 12:08 AM
Amount: $250.00
Transaction ID: ch_3vFTEulAlLwxxx
Transaction date/time: 2014-04-26

04-26-2014, 08:57 PM
And now Tillis is trying to hit Brannon on taxes


The mailer – sent to an undisclosed number of voters – claims Brannon didn’t pay his home’s 2013 property taxes on time. “Brannon has failed to pay his own taxes,” it reads, next to a darkened image of the candidate. “How can he be a voice for North Carolina taxpayers?”

The reverse side touts Tillis as a “tax reformer” and says he’s the “only candidate with a proven record of lowering taxes,” a reference to 2013 efforts to cut income taxes in the General Assembly.

Brannon’s camp called the claim misleading because it suggests he didn’t pay his $8,779 tax bill. Brannon did, albeit a month after the grace period ended and only after a reporter asked about his late bill.

Tillis also paid the $9,639 tax bill on his Huntersville home after the Sept. 1 due date but within the grace period before interest began to accrue.

If there's a bright spot, it puts them as the frontrunners since Tillis is focusing mostly on him.

04-27-2014, 08:11 AM
Done. Monthly donation a little early.

04-30-2014, 01:53 PM

05-01-2014, 08:06 PM
In case anyone here thinking about donating isn't on Brannon's email list, here's an email I got from them on what they're planning to do with the money they raise this week:

From: Reilly O'Neal [reilly.oneal@gregbrannon.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 10:30 PM
Subject: Let Adam know it's not too late


Nick and I just finished running the numbers for an aggressive online voter outreach program this week.

For $52,000, we can run a full-scale program that includes targeted Internet and social media ads, mass emails to likely Republican voters, automated phone calls, Grassroots Headquarter operations, and TV and radio ads if the funds are available.

When Nick worked on the Ted Cruz Senate campaign back in 2012, they used a similar online program in the final week. The program allowed them to compete with their establishment-backed opponent.

We have everything needed to implement this program created and ready to go. All we need now is the funds necessary to put it into action.

Please forward this email to Adam and a few of your most loyal supporters and let them know it's not too late to make a difference financially.

Any contribution Adam can make at this time -- even if it's just $5 or $10 -- will go a long way toward implementing this plan.

Google and Internet Banner Ads - $3,000:

Google analytics allows us to target conservative voters in North Carolina with our campaign's banner advertisements.

The banners ads and landing pages have already been created by members of Team Brannon.

$10 will buy around 10,000 views using Google advertisements. $15 buys 15,000. $20 buys 20,000. And so on.

$50 buys a few hundred impressions on popular news websites and conservative blogs in North Carolina.

$100 allows us to run video ads to a few thousand voters watching news clips, TV shows, YouTube and other online videos in North Carolina.

Emails -- $6,500:

We've acquired about 250,000 email addresses of Republican voters in North Carolina since the beginning of the campaign.

Our campaign has endorsement emails from Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Conservative author Ann Coulter and a number of other conservative leaders well-known by Republican voters.

Email can also be a cost-effective way to show our TV ads to voters by embedding the ad on a web page and emailing out a link to watch.

Emails cost about 2 cents per email to send.

$6,500 will allow us to run an aggressive email campaign all the way through the May 6 Primary.

FaceBook -- $3,750:

FaceBook is a great way to reach Republican voters. Their algorithms allow us to micro target the newsfeeds of Republican and conservative voters in North Carolina.

FaceBook even allows you to run specific ad campaigns to micro targeted areas by zip code or city.

$3,750 will allow us to run sponsored posts in the newsfeeds of targeted voters during key hours through May 6.

Automated Phone Calls -- $4,900:

Senator Mike Lee, Jody, and a few other supporters of yours have recorded a robocall asking voters to please vote for you on May 6.

We have the phone numbers of over 300,000 registered voters in North Carolina. $4,900 will allow our campaign to communicate several messages with these voters all the way up until Monday, May 5.

Grassroots Headquarters GOTV Operations -- $13,850:

We currently have 9 Grassroots Headquarters up and running each day. Some of them are equipped with state-of-the-art phone banks that allow volunteers to make twice as many calls as normal.

We also have an online system for folks who can't make it to our offices that allows them to make phone calls using their computers.

It will cost about $18,850 to run our Grassroots Headquarters wide open through Election Day.

TV and Radio -- $20,000:

Our campaign has two TV ads and two radio ads already prepared.

If you can raise the resources, we'd like to launch our TV and radio ads in the last few days before the May 6 Primary.

As you can see above, even $5 or $10 will go a long way at this critical time.

Please forward this to Adam and ask them to contribute as generously as you can right away.

See you tomorrow before the big debate.

-- Reilly