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04-25-2014, 10:32 AM
Anyone who has ever attended a Campaign for Liberty training knows about confrontational politics, holding policies accountable, and how politicians feel pleasure and pain.

If you read the links my opposition research thread you’ve seen that some of my incumbents have been some bad votes.

I am in the processing of mailing letters to business that have been (or would have been) directly impacted by the bad votes.

For example, of our Republicans voted for a bill that increased the tax on heating oil imports.* I'm notifying oil providers about the vote that amounted to a 25% increase on a basic necessity.* I go on to say that Republicans are supposed to be friends of small business, and that as a Republican, I will work to cut taxes, etc.* The letters close with a donation / endorsement requests and will be followed up by visits.

If you haven't already donated to the campaign please consider making a contribution: http://www.shemkellogg.com/donate/

Anti Federalist
04-25-2014, 08:36 PM