View Full Version : Sick man jailed for leaving his house

04-25-2014, 07:01 AM
CHAMPAIGN, IL — A sick man was ordered to wear a government tracking device and was subsequently thrown in jail for leaving his house. “Public health” is the excuse used to nullify individual rights for the sake of the herd.

The situation began when Public Health Administrator Julie Pryde flexed her bureaucratic muscles by obtaining a court order to forcibly make a tuberculosis patient follow her protocols against his will.

The patient, 24-year-old Christian Mbemba Ibanda, was told that his freedom had been suspended due to his illness. On April 11th, a court decided that he would be forced to wear a GPS-tracking device on his ankle; forced to stay in his home; forced to allow periodic visits from medical staff; and forced to consume a government mandated regimen of drugs. Without demonstrating any malicious intent or breaking an actual law, Mr. Ibanda became a prisoner.

“He couldn’t go out, or it would beep and I’d have the police there,” remarked Pryde.

Once the bureaucrats were tracking Ibanda’s every movement through the ankle bracelet and stalking his whereabouts, they determined that their detainee had been breaking their rules. He had allegedly gone shopping for supplies, stood outside without a mask on, and even had a visitor.

Deputies were dispatched to Mr. Ibanda’s apartment and arrested him. According to the News-Gazette, Champaign County is paying $50 a day plus medical costs to keep Ibanda imprisoned, as his forced medication continues behind bars.