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11-30-2007, 08:29 PM
Independent RADIO MEDIA!

For Grassroots Organizations and Community Members

Experienced radio producers - see our Submission Guidelines.
How to Suggest a Story to the Media

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and to help you through this process. Please contact Lisa Rudman, Executive Director or 510-251-1332 ext. 105 to get started.

http://www.radioproject.org/getinvolved/howtopitch.html (http://www.radioproject.org/getinvolved/howtopitch.html)

Suggesting a story in media lingo is called “pitching.” It is important to tailor your “pitch” appropriately for news or public affairs. News stories require a very timely news hook (event, action, etc.) and tend to be shorter stories (“pieces”) that contain less analysis. Public affairs programs look at unfolding ramifications of stories that are not as breaking or time-dated.

Typically, public affairs programs offer more in-depth analysis of an issue and are longer in length. Be familiar with the program to which you are pitching. It is useful to first look at the producer’s website, review past transcripts, listen to or watch the program, in order to get a feel for the flavor of the program, and look over their submission guidelines.

Submitting an action alert or an article is useful as background material. Note: sending only an article, action alert or press release that doesn’t succinctly explain the story and its connection to larger social, political or economic trends is not an effective pitch.