View Full Version : Help Me Get to Iowa for 9 Straight Days of Canvassing Before the Caucus

11-30-2007, 07:56 PM
The campaign has recently given students a great opportunity to volunteer for the campaign to canvas the entire state of Iowa, from Christmas to the caucus. I'm in the position where I can sacrifice the time and effort, but desperately need help with transportation (especially since I'm missing a week of work).

If anyone has the capability to assist me in buying a plane ticket (since I'm the only person in my area that's going, it would cost just as much - if not more - to drive), please consider helping me out:


In case you haven't heard, the campaign is running a "Ron Paul's Christmas Vacation," where students who can get to Iowa will be supported by the campaign (food, lodging, etc.) so that we will have the opportunity to canvas the entire state for 9 days each (there are two separate weeks...one before Christmas, and one afterwards).

I would love to be able to participate in the one lasting from December 27-January 4; however, I'm not so sure about money. The campaign is paying for almost everything while we're in Iowa (which is insanely generous), but I'll also be missing a week from work, so I want to make sure I can pay to get up there and back home.

After calculating the costs to drive my car back and forth, I realized that it's almost as costly as flying. Plus, plane tickets are set in stone (once you buy them) - gas prices, fuel consumption, miles driven (especially when you get lost) can change drastically. I can pay for any other expenses, but I could use a lot of help for a plane ticket.

I know that many people would love to help out in Iowa, and would be less of a financial drain on the campaign than I am, but they simply can't take a week off of work to do it. I'm in the opposite situation: I can easily take the time off, but am having some troubles scrummaging the cash needed to get there and back. Anything you can do to help would be awesome.

And, as proof that I went, I'll bring back pictures. :D

P.S. Some political background info: although I was actively involved in speech & debate in high school, I've never been interested in the actual politics of it all, and have never really supported a politician. I have never even considered donating to a campaign. A year ago, I would've bet money that there was no way I would ever work for a campaign, nonetheless volunteer for one. Of course, like many others, Paul changed all that. :)

Also, help the guys in this thread:


They're wanting to go for the same cause, and they could use a leg up as well!