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04-02-2014, 06:43 AM
tomorrow I will be attending this event:

Are you interested in running for elected office or want to learn more about getting involved in state politics? Join the NHFRW, House GOP and NHGOP leaders for a

Day at the State House!

Thursday, April 3

8:45 AM ~ Welcome in Legislative Office Building, Room 210*
33 N. State Street in Concord, NH

Meet & Greet with State Reps and GOP Leadership
House Committee Overview
Tour of the State House

Noon ~ Lunch Sponsored by Loginov & Sicard, Intellectual Property Law
Upham Walker House

1:00 PM ~ Q&A with House Leadership

Register today!

The event is free and open to all NHFRW members*
and registered NH Republicans.*

Registration is required due to limited space.

Special thanks to our sponsor*Loginov & Sicard, Intellectual Property Law

Keith and stuff
04-04-2014, 10:19 AM
Was a great event. The NHGOP chair and Vice chair spoke. A whole bunch of other people spoke including Laurie Sanborn, wife of Ron Paul's 2012 campaign chair, Sen. Andy Sanborn. Sen. Sanborn also spoke. We even got to sit in the Senator's seats :toady: I met a young guy that's running for NH House. I asked him how he became a libertarian. He said it was Ron Paul in 2007 :D

A law office provided free breakfast and lunch, because someone in the office was related to a member of NHFRW.

I spilled mustard on my pants :(

04-04-2014, 07:23 PM
The House Republican Office in conjunction with the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women and the NHGOP put on our first State House Open House Day with over 80 attendees from across the state who are considering running for the NH House in November.

Each attendee was paired with a mentor who is a current rep and was able to attend policy committee hearings throughout the morning in order to get a sense of what the legislative process looks like. The attendees were given the official tour of the State House and a lunch at the Upham Walker House was sponsored by Loginov & Sicard, Intellectual Property Law, and we ended the day with a presentation from the House Clerk and an informative question and answer session with Republican Leadership.

this was my mentor

Scott Brown Awkwardly Finds Out That Obamacare Is Also Helping Republicans

WASHINGTON -- As former Sen. Scott Brown barnstorms through New Hampshire in a likely prelude to another Senate run, he has dusted off a familiar playbook. Condemnation of Obamacare has been front and center of his pitch, much like it was in 2010 when he unexpectedly won a race to take over the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

But times are different now. The law is no longer some theoretical set of reforms, but is being implemented with varying degrees of success and failure. And while it remains largely unpopular (http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/us-health-bill) (virtually every Republican is making the same attacks as Brown), there are those who have already benefited, some of them Republicans.

Brown found that out on Saturday, when he stopped by the home of Herb Richardson, a Republican state representative. Sitting in Richardson's home, Brown called Obamacare a "monstrosity" that members of Congress didn't even bother to read before they passed. At that point, according to the Coos County Democrat, Richardson chimed in to explain that the law had been a "financial lifesaver" for him and his wife. From the the piece (http://www.newhampshirelakesandmountains.com/pdf/LAN.2014.03.19.pdf) (page 14):

more at