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06-26-2007, 12:43 PM
I'm working on a site called Unamerican Revolution. It was in large part inspired by my disgust with the use of language and war rhetoric to turn the 2004 election on its head, but I never found time to get it rolling. After I saw what Giuliani did to Ron Paul, and Ron Paul's brilliant response... it made me want to go at this project with a passion like never before. Ron Paul, if anyone.. can champion an "unamerican" revolution. The name is catchy, the media would probably love it, and so much creativity can go into a project of this nature. I'm swamped for time right now though-- until maybe August, so I will put up what I can and report when it goes up.

The site may be on the anti-War side, it will target the 18-30 crowd, which is an important demographic for this election, but along with that are the issues of 'freedom', loss of privacy rights, and tackling the Patriot Act and rewriting of our constitution for political reasons. I'm a moderate democrat who sees the brilliance of the Libertarian party, and I think this is a good stepping stone for a person like me to get to that next step. It is also the perfect opportunity to get democrats and others in the middle involved in the process and possibly considering Ron Paul as a candidate.

The bad news (in some people's opinion) is I think it would be unfair to leave out Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton, since I would like to cast a net over a wide audience.. it is necessary to give Candidates some publicity and they, like many democrats were victims of abuse of language and rhetoric in 2004. Meanwhile we kick back and do the Ron Paul dance and show them why Ron Paul is worthy of their consideration.


p.s. site isn't up yet, so no need to visit...
I did start a myspace group for those of you that use it, you can join and start a wildfire of invites.
Unamerican Revolution (http://groups.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=groups.join&groupID=106226473&groupName=Unamerican%20Revolution)