View Full Version : Vagina-Centric, Tax-Sponsored, Monument To Republican Mindlessness

03-23-2014, 12:00 AM
Forget about upholding the Constitution, Republicans can’t even uphold the interests of their primary constituency. Instead, they insist on stalking and courting identity groups—women, for one—that can’t stand the Grand Old Party.
As deficient as it is, there is no warrant in the Constitution for stealing from taxpayers in order to aggrandize women. But leave it to House Republicans to plot a vote “this year on legislation promoting construction of a National Women’s History Museum.”
Perhaps they’ll get the women’s vote? Forget about it. “Sisters love Uncle Sam,” and while Republicans do too, sisters don’t perceive the GOP to be as statist as they’d like.

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03-23-2014, 08:59 AM
Oh for Pete's sake....ya know it's gonna pass, anyone who votes against it will be branded a "hater".
I wonder who or, God forbid, what it's going to be?