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03-20-2014, 10:44 AM
For those who don't know, Representative John Rhodes served in the N.C. House from 2003-07 representing the 98th House District and was named 2005 Legislator of The Year by Americans For Prosperity. John Rhodes called on legislative leaders to resign on March 22, 2005 while investigations for wrongdoing could be conducted. The then-Speaker of the House from Mecklenburg (Democrat Jim Black) and other legislative leaders later either went to federal prison for corruption in public office, were thrown out of the legislature, or stepped down.

As a reward for exposing Jim Black's corruption, Rhodes was primaried in 2006 by Thom Tillis, Greg's establishment opponent. Tillis made his entry to state politics by taking out one of the most outspoken opponents of corruption in modern NC history. March 22 is now "John Rhodes Day" in the town of Cornelius.

Now, Rhodes is coming back to the public eye after a 7-year absence to put a stop to Tillis' Rove-funded campaign. Read all about tomorrow's fireworks here:


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Looks like Rhodes called a press conference, and the press showed up. Rhodes announced that he is filing an ethics complaint with the state to investigate Tillis' appointment of campaign donors to the UNC Board of Governors.