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Title taken from http://thecampofthesaints.org article on same.

MAR 16, 2014
Lawlessness, Small and Large
by Angelo M. Codevilla

A reporter for The Nation magazine looking for a partisan “color” story cornered me at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference, asking what I thought of Chris Christie. I took the chance to remind his magazine’s audience that both parties in American politics have been adopting similar habits of lawlessness, and that continuing to confirm those habits has dire consequences.

The Nation ‘s reporter was in luck. I had graduated from Fort Lee High School in 1960, a stone’s throw from the traffic jam that Christie’s appointees had famously engineered. I told him that, as a kid I had gotten acquainted with lots of Chris Christie types while delivering the Bergen Evening Record on my bike in the town’s tonier parts.

Albert Anastasia
Albert Anastasia
My route’s customers included Albert Anastasia, head of the famous “Murder Incorporated” Mafia outfit, as well as one of his associates, Tony “The Bender” Strollo. Guys like that tipped well. As for Governor Christie, I have no way of knowing whether he personally ordered “the” traffic jam. But he and his aides sure talk and act like the Fort Lee types for whom doing such things, and more, was a way of life.

The reporter, thinking he was hearing a “hit” on Christie, asked:

“So you wouldn’t want Christie for President?” I answered: “Not any more than I would want Tony “The Bender” or Barack Obama, and for the same reason.”

What’s that? he wanted to know. I replied:

“Lawlessness. These guys seem alike in that they want what they want, regardless of rules. They are nice if you play ball but hurt you if you get in their way.”

My point was that government officials’ use of unlawful, discretionary power—little different from the Mob’s—is becoming the rule rather than the exception in America. If we don’t like that, we have to learn to shun people who operate this way—especially if they belong to our party.

Having gotten the reporter’s attention, I then explained that lawless politicians of any party are more dangerous than gangsters. The latter dispose only of private power, while the former have in their hands the enormous powers of modern government.

Whereas any Albert Anastasia could send a few guys like Tony to “bend” you, any Nixon or Obama has countless minions who can get the IRS to audit you, or to screw you administratively in countless other ways—by writing agency regulations aimed at you, say, or by finding you in violation of regulations you may never have heard of, or by indicting you, or maybe just investigating and ruining you without ever bringing you to trial. Or they can include you in a group to be taxed while granting exemptions to others in the group, leaving you to pay a higher rate. The latter is happening under Obamacare.


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For a few to be rich, many must be poor.
For a few to have power, many must be powerless.

Who understands these better than the Mafias of the world?

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It seems Codevilla's comments didn't make The Nation piece (http://www.thenation.com/blog/178728/confounding-expectations-cpac-gives-christie-standing-o) on Christie. I know, shocking right?

The problem is that the habit of using public power to do personal damage to your opponents is putting down deep, bipartisan roots among us. Since 2007, the Democratic Party has used its majority in the Senate to transform that body—and with it much of the U.S. government—by essentially restricting votes only to motions of partisan convenience. As I have described in previous columns, this—among other things—has emptied of practical significance the constitutional requirement that “no money shall be drawn from the Treasury except by appropriation…” But the Republican leadership, when asked whether any future Republican majority would undo all that the Democrats have done to the Senate, equivocated.

And why not? President Obama, shielded by a Senate majority in partisan lockstep with him, has chosen not to enforce laws on the books, or to enforce only parts of some while re-writing others, or simply to rule by decree. It would be difficult for the next Republican president and senate not do the same, and more. No one in power seems to be searching for ways to get back to non-thuggish government.

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It seems Codevilla's comments didn't make The Nation piece (http://www.thenation.com/blog/178728/confounding-expectations-cpac-gives-christie-standing-o) on Christie. I know, shocking right?

Shocked the heck out of me. :eek: I just don't understand it..............

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Sorry... I coined 'Mafia thugs and Government parties' years ago... I would like my credit. Damn I knew I should of copyrighted lol

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Sorry... I coined 'Mafia thugs and Government parties' years ago... I would like my credit. Damn I knew I should of copyrighted lol

I prefer elitists CON MEN

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That was great and all true! It would definitely be an improvement.

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I prefer elitists CON MEN

My English is not perfect is that pronounces "cocksuckers".

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The Mafiaization Of American Politics

Terrible 1313 Revisited A compilation of speeches and New Metro Articles with th (http://www.amazon.com/Terrible-Revisited-compilation-speeches-Articles/dp/B002JYTL8W)

I bought a copy of Jo Hindmans terrible 1313 revisited ,Im not too far in but it details a lot of the "mafiazation" of American politics. The encroachment of Metro government and its aim to end representative form of government in exchange for executive dictatorships. Their ends are to control every aspect of life through code enforcement.

Chapter 1.
You are being captured without bomb,bayonet,or war cry.
When a government controls a mans's property ,civil rights, his home and the power of human decision, then he is captured and not free.
Metropolitan government is accumulating such power; if completely victorious' in it will repose all control.
Metropolitan government is designed to function through controls placed in city halls, country courthouses, state capitals, and Washington D.C.

The giant conbine that conspires against you proceeds virtually unnoticed , while American attention is riveted on communism in Cuba and abroad.Nerve center of cell Metro is charted at the front of the book: Metro headquarters -1313; Metro policy -collectivization ;Metro program- "Metro" governments.

Under Metro States would cease,. Cities would become enormous satellites rules by managerial Metro power. Zone spaces between cities would be strictly regimented according to arbitrary code. American labor would draw token pay in some form of currency , but the greatest portion of the pay in coin would go to finance the giant Metro.
In the late 50's location of the Metro capital was discovered at 1313 E. 60th street ,Chicago Illinois. a twenty two ,organization ,clearing house. This arsenal of totalitarianism spews Mtero directives, programs and projects over target U.S.A.
In concept , practices, and in rapidly multiplying instances Metro has wrecked private homes, business ,property rights, and the ballot franchise. Upon the shambles of these basic concepts in American government , Metro seeks to force upon Americans collectivized Metropolitan Government ,totally.
The United States Federal form of government has been blamed unjustly for the scandal of collectivization. Actually infiltrants into traditionally check and balance federal government have and are engineering conversion of the American republic into a giant collectivized unit.

Gigantic expansion of the irresponsible executive staff administrative department of government is a key hash mark of metro government.
Down on the first level metro dictatorial metro city managers introduce metro programs of socialized urban renewal ,land use zoning, and planning with a capital P. city managers agitate for city charter revision to elevate to supremacy metro managerial rule and to eliminate citizen self government.

At the state level, the metro battering against individual rights ...........

Christopher A. Brown
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We should be careful to avoid generalizing by assuming the is only one kind of corruption.

There is this kind, closer to high treason.

BO kgb global


Then there is the NWO, and agenda 21.

Is 9-11 part of that?

DHS is a corruption of the constitution too.

NSA, probably all related, Hey the mafia is small time.

Occam's Banana
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It seems Codevilla's comments didn't make The Nation piece (http://www.thenation.com/blog/178728/confounding-expectations-cpac-gives-christie-standing-o) on Christie. I know, shocking right?

Shocked the heck out of me. :eek: I just don't understand it..............


Yous guys ...