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02-26-2014, 08:46 PM

Binky, The Shih-tzu, and the rest of their knucklehead mainstream media pals have been piling on Greg Brannon these past few days — amid giggling from Brannon’s political foes — since that finding from the jury in that civil case was announced.

Pete Kaliner, an Asheville talk radio host who used to do some serious reporting in Charlotte, decided to dig a little deeper into Brannon’s courtroom experience. On Friday, Kaliner devoted an hour to Robert Rice, the CEO of the tech company at the center of the lawsuit in question. I encourage every one of you to listen to the full interview (about 40 minutes). I did, and I learned a few things that I never would have known if I had relied on Binky and his friends:

*There were 15 investors — including Brannon and the two plaintiffs — in Rice’s company. The two plaintiffs — Sam Lampuri and Larry Piazza — were the only two of the fifteen to file suit against the failed tech firm and its representatives.

*Rice paints a picture of an attempted hostile takeover of his firm purportedly initiated by the plaintiff Piazza. Rice says Piazza was aggressively trying to have him removed from the CEO post, and to take control of the company and its intellectual property. Rice said that — during the time he was trying to raise desperately needed cash from venture capitalists to move the struggling company to the next level — Piazza was running around making loud noises about a lawsuit. Rice said that was the kiss of death — the beginning of the end for his firm. Who in his right mind would invest in a company with a download (32)threat of a lawsuit hanging around?

*THREATS? Rice said Piazza regularly threatened to bankrupt him and ruin his reputation in the tech industry. Rice said Piazza also reportedly threatened to bankrupt Brannon and “ruin” his Senate campaign.

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02-26-2014, 10:30 PM
This lawsuit has been a farce since day one. I've got quite a few companies I invested in that lost money. When do I get my money back?