View Full Version : We must FUNDRAISE--call and email now

11-30-2007, 08:59 AM
The pace of donations so far today is not fast enough for us to surpass Rudy's Q3 total of $10.2M in the first 2 months of Q4. We need to do this. But it won't be enough for the grassroots to donate. We need to actively fundraise today. Make calls, send an appeal to your entire email address book. We can do it--all we need is 300K. If each of us calls 20 people and emails 50 people today, and we each convince only 1% of our contacts to donate $20, we can get there. But talking to each other online won't do it. Let's act like fundraisers today and solicit the funds!! Go Ron Paul! Imagine the press when we outraise Giuliani in 2/3 of the time and with smaller donations meaning that we're attracting 4X as many individual donors as he did!!