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11-30-2007, 08:48 AM
If we can raise $300,000 more today, we will have beaten Giuliani's Q3 total in just two months. That would get way more press than the near miss it looks like we're on track for at this point. Is there a way to get that word out to all the Meetup Groups today? Can we urge all the Meetup members not only to dig a little deeper today but also to do a little fundraising emailing and calling and try to recruit others to give today? All we need is 3000 people to give $100 bucks today (or 300 people to give $1000). We should also urge everyone to contact their local media with this story if we hit the milestone.

Below is an email blast that people could send to their local media. The campaign itself will probably put out a press release like this, and we could use that one as well. But as we've discussed, the campaign doesn't have the manpower to follow up the press release with emails and calls to the media, so if the grassroots can make the calls, forward the press release, etc., the story will get picked up more broadly.

But first we have to raise that money and we need the pace to accelerate a little bit. Can we find 3000 $100 donors today?


With one month still remaining in the 4th quarter, the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign has already raised more money in only two months than any Republican candidate raised in the entire 3rd quarter of this year.

In the third quarter, not counting money that he loaned to his own campaign, Mitt Romney raised $9,896,719, and Rudy Giuliani raised $10,258,109.

Today the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign surpassed both of these totals only 2 months into the 4th quarter.

This achievement is even more impressive because Ron Paul's small government platform does not attract big money from corporations and individuals seeking to "buy influence." Instead, Ron Paul's fundraising support comes in smaller donations from individual voters. This means that not only is Ron Paul raising more money than any other Republican raised last quarter, but he is attracting many more individual donors than any other Republican candidate.

“This milestone is the latest indication that Dr. Paul’s message of freedom, peace, and prosperity is resonating strongly with voters across the United States,” said Paul campaign spokesman Joe Seehusen. “New money means new support.”

11-30-2007, 12:02 PM
www.opensecrets.org says that Guiliani raised $11,624,255 in Q3. Any idea on where the campaign gets the $10,258,109 figure? Debts were only $169,256, so that can't be it.

edit: The $11,624,255 number includes general primary donations, the $10,258,109 does not. We're going to pass this today!