View Full Version : Is this the end for Matt Bevin?

02-18-2014, 03:34 PM

“After he finishes with that Tea Party fellar, he will come after Alison with a vengeance,” Elsie Case, Grimes’ grandmother, told a Northern Kentucky audience Monday.

Case isn’t alone in her analysis.

But for McConnell — and really, to the outside Tea Party fundraising groups getting involved to take out Kentucky’s senior senator — this was never about Bevin. It is the proxy war McConnell wanted to wage against those outside groups, a wish those groups have been only too happy to accommodate.

Now, Team Mitch is armed with what it thinks is the right ammunition to achieve the ultimate goal: dividing Tea Party voters from Tea Party fundraising groups by exposing those groups as hypocritical for denouncing bailouts but backing Bevin.