View Full Version : tourist and toll road violation.....any help on this would be appreciated....

02-12-2014, 05:15 AM
I was a UK tourist in California in a rental car, having to rent a car to get from sandieg to LA airport. then, accidently, due to ambiguous road highway signs, ended up on a toll road for a couple of miles, until the first exit to turn round. Did not even realise that there was active toll booths in operation, as they were unmanned.
Hertz never even warned me about the potential for this happening.
On returning to the UK, I received a month later at an old address a letter from hertz, saying they have charged me $30 admin fee for passing on my details to TOLL ROADS for a violation. A month later a letter from TOLL ROADS, for a $1.75 toll fee plus $57.50 penalty, and an additional $42 as the date for payment had been passed..due to the postal service.
My intention is just to ignore this now.
What are the potential repurcussions that may occur?
thanks for any help you may offer.

02-12-2014, 11:07 AM
They don't have those in my state, so I don't know. They are confusing, you can do something wrong without intending to. I'm sorry that they are harassing tourists.

02-12-2014, 08:00 PM
Sounds like a golden opportunity to have some fun and tell somebody to go fuck themselves. Or just ignore the fools. Depends on your mood, I guess.