View Full Version : Hollywood figures spied for CIA, book asserts

01-12-2014, 10:36 AM
WASHINGTON -- It’s well known that Hollywood loves a good spy story. But what is also true, according to a new memoir by a former senior CIA official, is that movie makers regularly do some real-life spying.

“The CIA has long had a special relationship with the entertainment industry, devoting considerable attention to fostering relationships with Hollywood movers and shakers—studio executives, producers, directors, big-name actors,” John Rizzo, the former acting CIA general counsel, wrote in his new book, “Company Man: Thirty Years of Crisis and Controversy in the CIA.”

People might assume that since Hollywood leans to the political left, the CIA’s relationships “would be with the sort of conservative picket of Hollywood,” Rizzo said in an interview. “Well, that’s not true. People one would normally associated with liberal causes have assisted CIA.”

Alas, Rizzo is prohibited from naming names. They are classified. The CIA declined to comment.


01-12-2014, 10:44 AM
Yeah, I read about it a few days ago... the $50K in Coke for an "A-lister" is funny. The scary part, is the CIA has ALWAYS been involved in control Americans domestically. All corporate and secondary media, domestic LE... remember OWS?

POLICE STATE married to the PROPAGANDA mind control machine.

01-12-2014, 10:48 AM
You can look at movies like; Long Kiss Goodnight and Enemy of the State to realize that CIA has long been embedded in the Industry. It's a great brainwashing mechanism and by the looks of it, it has worked rather well.

The Long Kiss Goodnight 1996


No coincidences.