View Full Version : Need some rather basic video camera footage

11-29-2007, 05:49 PM
I'm preparing to initiate "Operation FREEDOM STATION", but I intend to have a snappy little video to go with the launch.

The idea comes from RP's 'No Tax on Tips Act of 2007'. I'm afraid tha thtis strategic move on RP's part has gone rather quietly.

It seems to me that he had done this out of sheer genius, except for the fact that I can't percieve it being properly exploited. This has major potential considering places where people are paid in tips (waiters, bartenders, barbershops, AND SO ON) just so happen to be the places where they have a majority of regular customers while theres a certain degree of socialness involved the the atmosphere that you wouldn't normally find in most other work places.

Durign WW2 the OSS (CIA precursor) operated what they called "Freedom Stations". For the most part they were 'secret' locations putting out pirate radio station propaganda broadcasts. I chose this title as our workplaces can operate as de facto propaganda outlets. Remember, the act of placing a political bumper sticker on your car is an act of propaganda, so dont be detered by my use of the word.

Even if the particular establishment wouldn't best function as a means for the employees to proapagate to their customers, the act of walking into the place and dropping off a bundle of mini-flyersa with a few other materials would in effect infect said workplace. Who does want to pay taxes on tips or any other income?

So my ambition here is to put together a nice little package of materials, and then for all of us national activists (via meetup groups etc) to drive around town and walk into our local places wher epeople get paid tips and drop off the care packages... and walk out. Simple means of reaching mobs of people.

So what I need is some simple camara footage of walking/approaching the entrances of a few various restaraunts or similar places of tips-based work. Bonus would be taping all the way up to setting some flyers on the counter, from the 'first person' perspective. But I'll take whatever I can get.

Things like businiess signs or whatever probably best not be in the footage for this.

I already have a good video idea to go with this, over the Pink Floyd - Money song. I'll mix it up with footage of money printing presses etc, and some of the wording expressed above.

I'm hoping I can get this done right away. But I have no camera to go do this. I can thrtow the video and website together in no time, but without the footage of the activism part it's futile. Time is short.