View Full Version : HP: Thom Tillis' Tea Party Challenger Greg Brannon Dredges Up Scandal In N.C. GOP Primary

01-09-2014, 10:00 PM
By the Huffington Post, surprisingly.

Though I find it funny how it's Tillis' 'challenger' and not just one of Tillis' opponents.

Tea party-supported obstetrician and U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon called North Carolina's House speaker, Thom Tillis (R), "an establishment-backed insider" in a fundraising appeal to supporters Thursday.

WRAL reports that in an email to potential donors, Brannon referenced a scandal involving Tillis' staffers. Tillis was attacked for giving $19,000 in severance pay to two of his staff members who resigned last spring because they were in romantic relationships with lobbyists.

"His Chief of Staff who shared an apartment with my opponent and his Policy Analyst were forced to resign after it was revealed they were having 'inappropriate' relationships with lobbyists," Brannon wrote in the Dec. 31 fundraising appeal. "But my opponent still gave both of them 'golden parachutes' -- a full month's pay after they resigned from their position."

Well, it at least points out something not so positive about Tillis.