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11-29-2007, 04:27 PM
Hi, I wrote a letter to a few editors today asking them to allow Dr. Paul more coverage in their paper. I figured I would post the text so others can either use the same letter or use it as a base for their own. The text is found below.

Dear Editor:

First, I want to establish that I am not a member of, or employee of any political campaign, party, PAC, or anything to that effect. I am just an average voter. I am writing to implore you and your paper to take a deeper look into the candidacy of Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul’s campaign platform has been based on very basic issues: the constitution, civil liberties, a humble foreign policy, and a return to sound money to name a few. He has gained considerable public support through grassroots efforts, mass donations (4.3 million in a single day), and a loyal base of supporters. Yet, the general trend within the mainstream media has been to simply ignore Congressman Paul as a serious contender for the nomination. I hope your publication can help the American voter make a more informed decision at the polls this election season.

Thanks sincerely,


Feel free to use this exact text or change it however you'd like. Just remember it's better to keep it short. Do NOT send the exact same letter to the following publications as I have already sent them this letter: New York Times, Boston Globe, The Buffalo News, Portsmouth Herald, Poughkeepsie Journal, The Journal News(westchester, NY).

If you are interested in sending this or a similar letter to the editor of your local paper there is a website that links to most newspapers published in the US and from a newspapers homepage their mailing information is often found in a 'Contact Us' section. The directory is found here: http://www.refdesk.com/paper.html