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11-29-2007, 01:36 PM

The idea being a media bomb. We give ron paul money with money bombs, lets get him media attention with a media bomb.

the great thing about a media bomb is EVERYONE can donate! All it takes is an email addresss and a telephone and a few minutes of time.

We set up a website for pledgers (of course) find all of the MSM email addresses and phone numbers and post them with Mailto links and just post them on the website.

Then designate Dec. 15th (the day before the money bomb, obviously) as the media bomb. Then on dec. 15th, all of the pledgers and hopefully EVERY Ron Paul supporter will send an email to ALL of the Main Stream Media outlets.

Then on Dec. 15, everyone floods their inboxes and their telephones with a universal message in the subject line like "From -SENDER NAME-, i want to hear more Ron Paul." Then have everyone write a short email that is unique to every user. Tell everyone to send it personally from their REAL email address so if they get a reply they can verify they are a real person and not a spambot. encourage EVERYONE to watch their email and respond to any replies. Encourage everyone to keep the emails professional and polite. Simply asking for more Ron Paul.

Hopefully with a flooding of mass emails and phone calls, they will report on it, and the report would come the day before, or the day of the mass donation day!!

Let me know if you can help me set this up! thank you.

any input/help?

11-29-2007, 01:42 PM
Great idea. A site in which you sign up to call and email all at once.