View Full Version : Groundswell/Grassroots Material

11-29-2007, 12:06 PM
I know I'm a newbie here (sorry, I've been lurking here for 3 months).

Let's create a campaign brochure for Ron Paul and locate them in every restaurant, coffee shop and waiting room which will have them in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

We could print 250,000 brochures [4 color x 2 side, Tri-Fold, 8.5"x11", delivered] for $18,000. (Maybe using the Ron Paul Meet-ups to distribute them.) Or we could bulk mail them at a total cost of $97,641 + mailing list. Total production & delivering time would be 7 business days.

The brochures could include - the coming Moneybombs, the RPBlimp announcement; RP Meetup Groups in NH, SC & NV; RP websites; and a basic statement of RP's principles.

Kind of a brochure/directory for building up the groundswell/grassroots movement.